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China 2 cooperation

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Seppo Korpelaa few seconds ago 

China's cooperation has been studied. With
China the cooperation of the film field will
succeed when China and the partner country
have the same life values.

The same life values improve about when
there have been 10 years of the connections
backwards and it is 5... years forward the
connections more. For example China and
the states of Europe have a lot of same

The work partners understand each other
and are in common a lot. In the world there
are more  than 180 countries. Every country
has problems. The cooperation succeeds
so that the problems of the country are
neither distorted nor are added up. The
countries are respected. Now China's
matters are on purpose distorted because
it is an envy.

The same values of the life are developed
also for the film field forward. The Chinese
want to create the own standards surely to
a film / to culture field. The standards are
created by the system of the improvement
of 15  qualities. The standard means the
good work method of... The work is done
according by the work method of Chinese
and standards: the economic growth
increases up, the young people get
information and skills and the right
doctrines  of the life more.

THE RESULT: The value of the work of the
film field rises up. The improvement of the
quality and the refining of the work forward
employ the Chinese.

The share of the Chinese is in the
production of the film several dozens of per
cent. One example: Small Finland
concluded also the different profound work
agreements with president Xi Jinping.

Agenda: Pays a state visit to Finland from April 4 to 6

Xi Jinping president of China

Writings in Chinese


The China-Finland relations has withstood the
test of time and changing of the international
situation and maintained steady and healthy
development, making the two countries a
model among relations between China and
European countries, Wang said.

This first state visit of Xi as Chinese president
to Finland started a new phase of bilateral
relations, with confirmation of the
establishment of a future-oriented new-type
cooperative partnership in a joint declaration,
which was the core political achievement of
the visit, lifting the relations to a new height
and offering strong guidance, Wang said.

The visit depicted new prospects of friendly
cooperation, as the two countries have
signed a series of cooperation documents on
innovative enterprises, investment and
trade, justice, science and technology, and
inspection and quarantine, which shows that
cooperation of the two countries have
entered the track of all-round development
and that the traditional friendship has
produced fruitful results, Wang said.

The visit forged a new bond of people-to-
people exchanges, Wang said. For example,
as China will host the 2022 Winter Olympic
Games, the two countries agreed to cooperate
more in winter sports and preparation for the
Winter Olympics, and will launch a China-
Finland Year of Winter Sports in 2019, he said.

The visit stimulated new dynamic in China-
Europe relations, Wang said. According to
European media and people, Xi's visit
conveyed confidence in the development
prospects of Europe and indicated that
communication and cooperation between
China and Europe will be increasingly close,
he added.

Writings in Chinese


The quality of the film is obtained up when

the automatic machine of the manuscript is

developed forward. In the film field it has

fallen behind when, a digital programmes do

not plan work better.

The film automatic must be designed

forward together. The improvement of the

quality is a solution in China.