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Kiina_kulta_aurinko_1.JPGChina is rising up ...

China has got up to the biggest producer

of films.  In China there is the interesting

works and services in the digital world.

The Chinese have been interested of
the digital programme. Other
countries: The thanks not. China

wants to have economic growth up



The digital programme helps and
directs work respectably.
beginning is a development work.
The manuscript and the production
are controlled by the several digital


Final result:

The quality of the film improves and
the valuable of the work rises up.

1. The skills and the information
increase up during the digital

2. The level of the high  quality will
be reached even though  the user is a
young worker. The work is
accepted forward.


3. The person uses even the new
difficult factors of the quality when,
the digital programme controls the
person at the work.

4. The person will  notice the
important factors of the  high worth
when the person works  together with
the digital programme.

5. The person notices and learn to
know the quality and valuable of
other films.


6. It is learned to perform tests for
the improvement of the customers'
service. It will be coming problems
when the films are made.

The tests and a part of the solutions
are made so that the problem will be
solved away and the work succeeds.

The digital programme controls:

The horse stands, Horizontal 7 and 5.

The man stands: Horizontal 5 and 2.

7. The creativity increases because it
is learned to solve problems away. It
is   a model, ready for the solution of
problems. The customers wait for the
high valuable with the cinema.   The
valuable will increase when the events
of the story are difficult to do. When
an actor works difficult work, the
result will be valuable work. The
actors will practise for a long time.


8. The person learns to know the
customers' expectations beforehand.

The competitive position of the
actors will rise up when the actor
does + solves difficult work.

9. The person learns to see important
matters at the life and at the working
because the digital programme
directs of for the doing and thinking
of valuable matters..

10. The person is able to make tasks
systematically: The digital programme


11.  The digital programme increases
the talent of the person.

12. The person becomes interested
about the improvement of the  quality
because in front of the person
solutions and factors of the quality will
  The matters of the improvement
of the quality are up for discussion on
the display of the computer.

13. The person learns to know the
factors  of the good work. The 20 factors
of the  quality are surely learned.


14. The person learns to notice mistakes. Too minor contents of the quality and –
change for the better towards.

15. It is per success, less stress, less
annoyance when the digital programme
controls towards the goal.  From my
history: I prevented... 9 companies did
not  go towards the death. I saved the
companies up to the new life.
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland