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12.  Chinese saving Flag_180.JPG
way 3

Chinese way removes the problems

of   the economy

The president of China Xi Jinping gave an
important speech at the beginning of the
year 2017: The globalisation brings welfare.
It means: Sell with all the countries. The
economy increases, the jobs and
professional skill will come  more, the
problems disappear, the poverty decreases
down, the girls' and women's value rises,
the stability increases in the world.


The workers do not know that 20-25% can
from companies poorly. It is a danger to the
 workers. Bad economy health is a threat.


It is a large number of companies which do
not succeed forward. The workers' position
weakens down.

If your job goes down a hill the step of which
you take forward.

The people have been asking me. To want less.
I say: A step to the hobby physical education.
Use time to the physical education more than
30 minutes. The physical education will be the
first helps when the mind calculates down.

Where do I get time for a day


1. If you are not having time today, you will
lack the order of importance from your life. (A Chinase old saying) 2. Finish many matters which feel ’to stain ’to your life. 3. Use your time for a necessary one. 4. Concentrate on
to make more A. important hobby, B. your
work, C. your skill, your information.

For example the entertainment of the film
company is weak, the buildings have been
built, the devices have been acquired, the
money is now in the end. Also the service
companies are: the consumers do not want
to buy the service products.


The 5 person group was collected together to
help so that the work will not end in the
company. Auditor. New managing director.
Developer. New services, valuable work.

The Chinese economy persons clarified
where the professional skill and interest of
a leader / the worker are being directed?

What person's knowledge and skills are to
increase 1 – 3 during years?Skills_know-how__Parempi.JPG

What SKILLS do the consumers wait for from
worker / from company  1 – 3 during years?

Your company is in trouble. What next to do?

It is our objective to save a company up
– work to workers.

A. How are the persons' knowledge and skills
in   the companies brought into use?

B. How is it obtained forth skills and abilities
of  the people? – The people's strengths can
be in  the hiding place. The people are not

China's economic growth is more than 6%.
China: learning of the economic growth. It is
our objective to save the  economy.  The
suffering must not come to the workers. The
operation of state companies becomes
healthy – before a little money, now much

The economy situation will be bad if the know-
how of the company (= the workers) does not
increase forward since next month.Chines_information.JPG

The service must be made valuable. The
digital  programme,   the done brains is taken
into use.

The workers who had learned were
transferred  among t workers which less had
learned to teach. The company was saved, the
workers were saved.

Threatening situation with


The trace of the work and service was old and
weak. The work is done but the value of the
work did not rise up.


I asked in the company: FOR


The management of the company and
foremen did not know. What is the purpose
of the workers and company?

How have the responsibilities been shared
from success, productivity and doing of value?
The management was wrong: 1 person
determined other people.

The professional skill, the know-how and the
information did not increase when it was
ordered about downwards from above. The
changes were made together.