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22. Chinese savation doctrine = a Help

There is  known a better life

Chinese_saving_way_1.JPGThe different contents of the artificial
intelligence revolutionise the doing of
the service and success in the work.

I have got post: You do not get support to
your film. Affirmative post from Chinese:
We will drink tea in the future.


Chinese digital programme / the artificial
intelligence will remove the women's

and young people understatement in the
films if the removal is wanted.

Chinese savation doctrine Chinese

The Chinese rise of the value improves,
directs, helps.
     Chinese didactics.

China is getting the big economy country .
Milliard euros is placed in the improvement ChinaQuality_2.JPG
of life and in culture …and to other.

The Chinese films are being made  100 per
cent with the digital programme themselves.

The Chinese teachings about saving companies, Chinese teachings of helping.


This building becomes the people's
Doctrine_and_information_China_2.JPGbig wish

Advantage of the outside solver: The
problem is solved 

The persons have been for a long time with
problems but there can be know-how for
others recrimination and the problem
continues. A problem is not solved away.

The outside person continues to the
solution of the problem toward.

Films which the Chinese make in 100 per cent
with the digital programme themselves. 



Maker of success.

The guide in success.

Adder of value in services.

It is easy to use the digital programme. You Nainen_kyynel_2.jpg
notice yourself that you get help in your
work. You make the value and the quality
to your own life.  YOU SUCCEED IN THE  
 WORK. If the successes would not come for
a long time, the people could become got
nervous and the mind goes down.

The Chinese artificial intelligence has already
information what the consumers wait for. The
artificial intelligence has information the

worker wants to have what doctrines, help, surua_NAISET.JPG
advice. It is good to be greater objectives. The
programme controls to make the value to the
service -, a consumer and spectator are   
interested in a bigger advantage –. The
programme asks sometimes: what is your own
strength in work and as free time.

The programme also controls the right ways
of life: You move and at the same time
strengthen health, you eat food, vegetables,
fruits …they help the climate.