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Problem out of life.

The problems of the students and

workers can be removed. Result:


Answer: In the digital programme, one

part of the quality is a satisfaction with

the life and in the work the welfare.

The post has come from the Chinese.

We would like to make the world's

first film with the help of an artificial

intelligence / the digital programme.

Tell Korpela how do we succeed in

the doing of the film.

How_do_I__learn_.JPGMy answer 1. With digital programme

and learning.   My answer 2. I am a

second mate. Others do the work. The 

Finnish swear words teach: Saatana,

jumalauti, perkele,helvetti ’Our life is

continuous learning! ’

My answer 3. I use my small brains:

other people increase professional

skill and success + 100 other.


From elsewhere: On the Kiinan_2_tarkeinta_tavoitetta_e.JPG

learners, in work and as

leisure is annoyances, 


trouble ja worry,

annoying live,

It annoys

Reasons to get away.

- The human being lacks the goals,

- I direct my life to too many directions -Digdital_gives_new_learning..JPG

  learning, working suffers.

- Time to new learn is not,

- I am tired,

- I am sick,

- There is no money,

- An apartment not yet,

- Man – woman a relation cracks,

- I study the wrong doctrines, skills

- My head ’throws’,

- I am getting the child out

- The enthusiasm and the desire are


- Too difficult future


- I am not able to concentrate …

What is followed from the problems

for new  learning, for my work,

for my leisure?

Digital programme


- direct,

- helps,

- advises,

- cures,

- to remove problems from

the front of us,  It can know

24 qualities more better

The digital programme was tested

another time. The COMPETITION. I and

the digital programme – Against a 4

person group. 6 strange novels. Both

chose the book with the help of the lot.

(The 4 persons were scriptwriters and

designers). The participant's names

have been hidden.

The story is freely written a film. It is

returned home, book.

In competition of my story:

In the United States the black people How_are_you_on_with_work..JPG

are discriminated and are humiliated

on against the basis of the complexion.

The looking of the human

being is a crime

To my story: The black professor man

walks on the street and looks at the

white woman of the glimpse of 1

SECOND. The white woman shouts:

'Why did you look at me -, I am a highly

valuable human being.’

Answer, why did you look? ’The

looking is a crime. You are taken in the coal__.JPG

coal mine by force to work. You are

taken by the coal force to


Criminal. Exactly 6000 kg coal  

quarried during 12 hours.’ The woman


The digital programme controlled this

this way:  The black professor. ’You also

looked at me, a high-ranking scholar,

professor. ’I create the advantage and

new better life in the university to

thousands of American young people.

Who lawyer has written the

offences - saatana perkele -

human rights in United


I talked the film of the

manuscript to the mobile.

My words became a text

SpeechLive on the help to

my e-mail. New technology.

I do not want to work in the

old time work method.’ I love

the easiness and wisdom of

the work.

The success in the life will

improve when one uses:


I talk – and the text is ready.

From a 4 person group the

woman began to shout to me.

Me was accused and was

barked. 4 The group competed

against me. (It failed.)  Seppo

–your life is from the  devil.

"You are a pig worth a hen. You have a

ready story already in the programme.

(I said: ’Its place does not keep. ’)

I: ’I have a technology of the new time,

I have forgotten the old work method.

’10 years in the front. I want to succeed.

4 persons finished work and left out of

the competition.

I give you a funny comfort ’invention

’When you write new murder films it

is a same, same, same, same murderers'

search. There are 10 000 murder films



I give you a funny comfort ’invention

’When you write new murder films it is

a same, same, same, same murderers'

search. There are 10 000 murder films


The manuscript says in the film: The

ones swinging replaced, you are a

murderer, a liar. Seppo Korpela