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6 million people lost

Professor was invited by friends
waterfall close. Included are Henry,
nurse Isabell, John. 1965


My grandmother visited me.
He thanked me, when I am able to
change the sheets and I tightened
sheets under the mattress tightly

6 million people have


somewhere Guilty

I did not tell grandma that I bind
onto the surface of the mattress sheet
of 6 by means of a safety pin.

I did not tell grandma I did not tell
grandma that I bind the sheet attached
to the mattress surface 6 using a
safety pin.

I am the inventor. I have scratches
on the wrist hook needles.

My grandmother had recalled the past
history of the times. He appalled when
our family history people is subtracted
out. Off trust as migratory birds.

6_million_spy_movieThe entire socialist economy is 6 million
people grief. People from the lungs
decreased from storms, men, women,

I do not know the correct figure, does
anyone know the number.

It's been a great work, when 6 million
for the deceased is been invisibly out.

- Women disappearance of death is a
great evil.
Men do not see any
more of young women stems
around the street. Weaker economic
growth off.

Fake death certificates
are written  every day

This whole time the secret police
have been playing wiht my feelings.
Isabella, the nurse tells concerns:

I will make a series of more death
certificates and a biscuit fictitious
causes of death, because the authorities
determine and pay me a salary lies.

I have written eight years untrue
death certificates. The deceased died
of cancer.

The disease isspread this far inside
the body ... Finally, I copy the same
comforting phrases in the letter
accompanying the deceased home.

Planning a future
false accusation

My mind is gone down. I intend to
planwicked deed. I have the ideas
currently being fanciful to whistle-
blowing secret police in against.
The secret police has made a whistle-
blowing or receivedwhistle-blowing,
which are not true - 6 million times.
My design is still in progress.

Once play take, must endure the
consequences of play, nurse says.

Now it's my turn to play with the
big lies to.

- What kind of a death certificate
enter the secret the souls of the
police and how your feelings spins
circle, when guidest men towards
death waterfalls.

- Haa ha haa!   Other people write
about death the cause of the secret
police directed forward help of the
hands towards death.

I respect myself, when I get in the
future the secret police men towards
the death of the valley. I'm going to
eat pizza, when I will make a
reasonable fear of plans.

I respect the deaths, while the
ideas funeralspeech in mind ...
men's behalf. Speech content
might include the following ideas:

The secret police is a lie and
diligence allows increased, a lie
created withthe standard of living,
bought food, paid rent, bought
motorcycles. The power of the lie
You must allow the soil to sleep in.
Amen, sleep in eternity.

- You Isabell is a lot of spiritual ideas
and you have created a new
development. Because I could go with
you, close

to the happiness of the  island.

Isabella: Do not brood over your head
stupid questions. We are a small
related to each other. If the child
born to us, a child could become

If the child holds, for example, three
hands at birth,  the work is easier.
One hand is on the phone,  two hands
can clean the floor, put the food;
The man could rub a woman three-
hand power.   Front, back and sides
at the same time.

Good luck with women.

- Taking the bag inside The New York
Times magazines secret home
heating plant inside; 70 copies of the
newspapers burned  per day.
The New York Times, The Times,
Der Spiegel ...  tell truths about the
world and human life.

Psychiatrists would
help the leaders of
the West

so that  leaders begin to understand
the difficulties of the Cold War Ministry
of Foreign Affairs, Army headquarters
and within the government.

The Cold War and the socialist economic
reduce people's nerves down West
within states.

I will do boring work every day, when
I write a lie  causes of death. My boss,
Colonel comes in the room  and says
that enter the death certificate of the
deceased persons according to.

Find nearby parties to whom you are
sending the letter, which is  involved in
the death of the message.

I'm looking for the cause of death.
The Western doctor book I need to
copy the causes and backgrounds;
cancer has spread  person inside
and cancer takes   death with it.

My only joy are pigeons, fed them in
the window   the front. I'm getting with
me dehydrated bread from the bakery
and I see the birds a good appetite.

- I read Western newspapers are hiding
inside.  Hiding place  is located inside
the store on the second floor near.
Italian journalist wrote,  that pigeons
can be used with espionage.

- I'm nervous - my mind does not rise
upwards. I'm thinking lies the secret

- Since Henry searched around the
city, we spend  the secret police
the time when we came up with them
towards the pranks. These ..  our work
is a red herring, and Henry is not
found in a short  time   year.

-  Pigeons fly around the neck with
espionage mail.  Pigeons attached
to the neck of the bag, which is
with disinformation spies work.

Socialist economy produces weak
nuclear missiles,  Weak missiles
written in Western journals.

The secret police will make an
urgent need to work hard to get
out.  Who is sending  pigeons with
intelligence information:

I have discovered a terror to earth
under a blanket.

Disinformation about the case:

as soon as I get spyware information
about nuclear weapons,  poor fuel
content, and the person brings secret
information over to me with  Send
me more support to Z, Falcon 4.
All three men were astonished,
amazed  and down the tree to fall
off. Isabella owns revolutionary idea.

- You can also read 
various states of news.
We men are in the
dark, we do not hear,
see we do not feel
the world.

Can the Beatles vinyl and notes is

I was involved in secretly, the
composer's funeral. The composer's
four children were sad. Children
revealed   father's disappearance
in conjunction with:

The secret police began to suspect
our father against the father played
several songs the Beatles vinyl.
Senior  the son of evil requires the
work of the secret police.
Said the children's father dreams:
composers bring joy  6 million  people
into the world. We want to compose
sometime in the future the memory of
the melody  6 million (dead) in the
human soul.

Sending Beatles songs is sheet music
pigeons with the neck below. We
create doubts, this country's close.
Police officers use their time much,
when the pigeons searched and
monitored around.

The debate moves
forward into the love

Professor began to apologize, when we
men 2-3  are writing to a woman's
heart in a friend's letters.

-  Here is a woman Isabella, and he will
hear our men  problems.  The letters
writing has been between men work.
I ask forgiveness.  We all have a life of
only a single life.

Photo. Henry, John and professor
received a 90 photos of women.
9, a woman sent a picture the
woman on the back. It is
becoming more later pictures
from the front.


-  Life in should get more happiness
according to.  We manufacture 90
letter + a sense of women's core.
Artistic letters to heads towards
women in the home of 90 pieces.

- I have met people and I have
discussedadvertising agencies and
communications agency personnel
-  Now, when I think back to discussions
with experts  with the important message
is to write ... repeat  the same important
things ... for women. Repeat, repeat,
- Sorry Isabell and be sure to understand us.

- I have written in memory of popular songs
and words  poetry book message:

When we send the same letter = 90 copies
of the woman who,
The same words are repeated
The same ideas
The same feeling + Same contents

I have feelings for you with the feeling
comes toward you at night and during
the day.

(Please note: Men have not seen any of
a woman, but women get 90 pieces
letters with fiery emotions.

Does it make sense to write a letter to
90 with this? I am just thinking about
you at night.

Or I'm thinking about you when I'm out
of work.  You are in my mind every time
you enter an intermediate time at work
and in the evenings and during leisure

I hope that my dream to turn off.
My mood is  changed into a strange
direction. My feet are nervous - just when
I think of you.

Now is the turn Isabell is amazed at how
can you think of this woman.   You send
the same content of a letter of 90 over
to her.

- I have not heard of
before this method. Do
you have  a healthy ... 
Healthy brain?

- 90 letter to improve women's quality of
life  up.

- If women find out that you write 90
a letter and sending the same letter of 90
over to her, women are hitting your cheek

Henry declares that women are interested in
letters feelings. Only 2 women wonders of
the2 of the same letter has become a girl
friends to him.

-  Every woman hit on the hand towards our
cheek.  I do not believe a false sense of

A woman has written that he thinks a lot of
men around, he follows what the man does
and goes ...


- Women write to us and recognize more:
This is fun! The purpose of life is increased
in life. Emptiness has fallen down. You are a rare
man. I look forward to more feelings and letters.
I look forward with enthusiasm.

- Now we have to start to write 88 per woman
the heart, the  only dream of you day and night.
When these  love words go toward the 88
woman's heart.
- Women's punches will no longer towards my

- 88 of the same content as a letter goes over
to her and 88 different  the content of a letter
will towards men's heart. Letters are  therapy,
entertainment and adventure for us, to convince

- Consider more emotions and phrases yet,
what you write out. Man's foot becomes
nervous is  yes too much involved in the
sense of the letter.

- Could feeling better designed? My mood
has changed inside the uncertain,  My mind
is scattered around, explain and laugh

I'll show you the daily work of a lie to you.
I am looking for explanations  the death of
the   problems the doctor's certificate.
Look at the paperiani around.6_mill_kuolintodist


                 DISEASE HISTORY

We will notify, Dear person for you ...


is dead _________________________________

One reason is the disease of cancer ________

The cancer had spread too far deceased inside


Of the deceased's death wish was that he
buried in an unknown place.

Deceased  felt remorse for their own history.
Deceased  recognized that he would have had
more respect   the great father of the country,
the socialist system   position. He repented of
the wrong religion,  Catholicism, the day
before his death.