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5. Unnecessary services
and works

In short:
The budgets and life of the person, city
and state 
improve when the job is
processed, improved
upwards. This is a

sure way and the economy is growing.

Where is reflected
Quality and


Culture people constantly ask,                                                             Kuvat kertovat, miten
whether the presentation, the script,                                                  jalostetaan työtä.  Omia töitä.
the film is interest
to the people.


Our proposal is repeating the same
thing and event,
what consumers have

seen for 20 years?


The Improving the quality of the program
cultural services, shows the

A. weekday issue / story, which is
copied from other stories of 20 years.


B. The same familiar and the story,
but  in different colors, different

environments, different clothes on
top of people.



C. violence, gender issues, ridicule,
the language down, alcohol.


D. New issue + story, difficult
the problems have been
solved out and people are
got problems
supreme, quality
professionalism has

The work has been changed to be safe.
Labor costs do not rise high, as inter
alia, preliminary planning has been

The film, screenplay, novel
weakness can be found

The four groups are studied. Why are worked
the group of the presentations A and B? People
responded that everyday things
Copying is easy and cheap. We know how to
to do the same.

A and B working group is chosen if
consumers do not buy any service,
Sacrifice was not a great misfortune.

A and B group, the workload can be high,
because you do not have a digital service
preliminary planning. The work
does not need to develop.

Employees have become feedback
because made  the same and the same,
and easy work 
- professional does not
increase. The future would 
require a
more difficult challenge.

Domestic product (GDP)
and economic growth
rise, competitiveness

The work, service and presentation
onward and upward to secure
the person,
the city and state of life.

The Improving of the work is only a way
to build the future.

Who then process further the work?
The Answer: All people.

No person can not point down, if the work
does not succeed and get the money costs


Looking to the top

Weakness can be found in the beginning of
the work
structure. Why are we began to do
the  job that is not interest and does not
bring   improvement for people.

WHY consumers do not take an interest in
our work 
and professional does not get up?

Things of internet and the
digital economy to  help

Contact ponder with everyone, why value
does  not rise up, even though
trying to raise.

The rise in value-added up to more person
skills, add up the company's revenue.

Knowledge, skills and the digital economy
are increasing.
Internet at work and the digital
economy are a means to process 

The information on the back is Seppo Korpela
Nokia Finland