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22. Carbon dioxide Carbon_dioxide__pois_taiv.JPG
and   time into fate

BIG WORK: Milliard trees ARE PLANTED more
everywhere in world.

There is not  possibilities; There is not the

engineers' information …




It is distorted much climate matter - blobal warming.

It is not possible to add the electricity because, A. The people of the world increases; 7,5 milliard people is now, B.
All kinds of consumption of the energy increases – surely.

4,5 milliard people, arrivals under 5
euros per day. 3 milliard people live
with the welfare. When 4,5 milliard
people demand to the same
standard of living... refrigerators..


Do not buy an electricity car,    sahkoauto.0289.JPG

120 000 e; Mika Anttonen, top expert, the

representative of the oil company said.

Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland