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24 parts of quality have been added to the
story. The program guides you to improve
the professionalism and competences of all
parties involved. Wisdom is not concealable.
Digital program guides you to add
improvements Story. The additions have been
explained. Demanding professional skills
not below in two stories.

Forced to be a friend of the girl, there
are companies

The course of the film is presented by jumping
The bad man is lonely and thinks too much of

himself, even though he has few living skills.
Neighbors are happy when a depressed man
doesn't drink alcohol. (dangerous with a
weapon.) A bad man demands a girl for himself –
forced several times. (The others make the film,
I'm the co-pilot.)

Getting started: The girl is returning home from
a youth party by bicycle.
The bad man waits on
the side of the road for a girl to come back and
talks mentally strange

The bad man rides whit bicycle after a girl:

Hello, I bought a suit to make a favorable impression

my high-profile girl. You haven't opened the door

for me
anymore. I want to own you. We're the only

that fit  together. We were  created 100% for each

She doesn't  look at the Bad man, and speeds up 

the bicycle.

And later.

The bad man has the rudimentary

means to lure girl for herself

(17th century skills)

The bad man is on his way to the girl's apartment.
with a large number white flowers on the
front rack of the bicycle.The  bad man ride a bicycle
and on a
  winding road you can hear a loud
speaking alone.

- Only we fit together, not the others.

- I am a man of superiority to a girl.

- We are created for each other.

He repeats sentences loudly when driving.


The same sentences praise

the man




Girl and her boyfriend return from a long run minutes before

the Bad Man arrives at girl's  apartment  to the point.

Runners  stretch out at the girl's apartment.

Little rocks fly into a girl's window glass. She opens the window.


The bad man:

- Me and you belong to each other.

- I put on the suit again when I came solemnly

   to see you.

- More value and respect should be given to an
   honest person.

- I bought the Positions of the book so that I
  can give you a happy married life. View a book

- I am the most valuable person.

The girl says comment opened window


- Grow up to be a person and a
Learn to go out with rigth

Annoying towards the girl

The bad man knocks a bicycle down on earth
messes up all 21 white flowers broken.



The bad man starts running towards the side

of the road and looks for
stones. He takes

two stones with him and prepares. throw her in

the window. But he's giving up throwing.

The girl quickly closes the window.

1-2 minutes later, the Bad Man throws a

stone window  side and  window.

And he ride a bicycle home.   


About an hour later five pistol rounds are heard

from the Bad man's home. The girl hears shots

through open window and changes

it's a different one.

The bad man changes Henry's

life completely

There's something else a bad man does. The girl

and the boy will be turned over later. WeddingIt's

very unfortunate: The Bad man suddenly

comes to disrupt girl’s wedding. Henry, the

film's protagonist carries the Bad man

spectacularly out wedding event – with big

laughs. The persecuted man leaves  to

terrorize the bride's childhood home. The

persecuter workswith his face covered and, with

the help of a wheel loader, breaks down the

wedding house.

After carrying, the Bad man begins to persecute

and threaten
  Henry. The bad man is sometimes

in psychiatric care, but  mind-enhancing drugs

don't help.




The money was meant to help visitors to the