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Can one succeed better

in the life

The open and free education. 8 steps so
you succeed in the life. It has been
conducted to create the factories, jobs,
services better – also in film field. Popular
way to promote the life to a better direction.


The money is wanted,

the helping not

I arranged the discussion in the web:

I SUCCEED IN MY LIFE At the initial stage
there were 86 members, the number
increased up when the time passed. 8
steps in the LIFE the system is open and
free for the SUCCESS - therefore popular -,
a lot of results will come. It is examples for
the success. Other training programmes
cost millions of euros.


1. STEP. Our direction is to succeed. What
obstacles, problems are in front
  of the
success? Or the problems are coming to
our life? Tell what successes
  have not come
during this month. Have you thought of
your objectives much?


2. STEP. What is cause I do not succeed to
reaching the OBJECTIVES?
  How do the Kylla_onnistus_2_askelta_2_mies.JPG
failures annoy you? There is thought about
  why will an objective not come
closer to us.


3. STEP. How will my life improve up when I
am getting 1-3 successes for better, –

during week - month? The satisfaction with
the life would increase if the
  successes come.
How do you measure your satisfaction?  How
would the
  happiness increase when the
objective x is achieved?


4. STEP. Toward OBJECTIVES.  Think what
objectives every one has now unfinished.
How am I now near my objectives?  Post: In Askel_1_ja_1.JPG
the discussion, among others,
Digital  programme's the management
     has not gone   forward.

o  The finding of the new work has  failed.

o  The writing has not progressed.
o  The leisure will go poorly.
o  Woman’s matter problem.
o  One should make friends better to the
o  How do I succeed forward??
o  The search of the work has failed.
o   The physical education is minor.

From China a post:
o  How to create 1  million jobs 
    the doing of thefilm    more?
How are new services created of

which consumers are happy ? 

The development man of the United
    by Timo Niklas-Salminen
founded for new
factories, jobs, welfare    Elama_muuttuu_helpommaksi_ei_naista.JPG
and economic growth in China.
away THE
PROBLEMS ).   Timo taught the
information and skills of the success to me.
I had 21 other teachers.     I made the
doctoral thesis -, it is unfinished badly.


5. STEP. The OBJECTIVES are named. The
OBJECTIVES are brought to the front
   and are told through.  The
OBJECTIVES written down. The objective
is divided into the 
parts. Also from the
parts a story is written down.

The objectives to this discussion
have come from the world.     Elama_muuttuu_helpomm__nainen_nousee.JPG

The school to end.
o  Better dots from work  and school.
o  I sleep poorly. Short sleep.

o  The health gets worse down.                   
o  I have not   divided into parts: I live
  of the   coal to the sky.           


6. STEP. Every one sets the OBJECTIVE
and the PART, the schedule
  when the 

MONTH: 1 2 3 4 5 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Days:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20

21  22  23  24  25  26  27  28  19  30  31


7. STEP. You are responsible for the
objectives yourself. You can ask for the
help the   from friends, students, work
place. The persons are written down.

Tell how you are closer to the objective.

_____________________________________    Miksi_haluamme_onnistua.JPG

8. STEP. The week elapses forward.   Wear
out how you are closer to the objective.
The successors of the course came
hundred. Afterwards the persons
It was asked. From around the
people one has to support and help.

o  The companies have been led to to
o  What has   been the most difficult in the
     development matter?

o  10 students got the studying to the end
     earlier. These  instructions helped. The
     objective succeeded when it was  to use
      time to the studying, the unnecessary
      time  was looked for.
     The unnecessary and inferior time was
     hit down to the country.

There  was made the time calendar: where
does  one now wear   out for some time?

Question: Why do the people want to learn
the  skills of the future? > the life was found
to be safe  when it can do better at the work.
It is easier to spend the leisure with others.
8 STEPS FOR THE SUCCESS are adapted in
the production of the film.   Seppo Korpela
Nokia Finland.