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15. Secret murder
and the True


Important information

moved  along to European

and Americans


      I shaped my  grandfather's  grave

This novel, this manuscript is based about
the helping work of my grandfather's Iivari
Korpela a alot. Iivari Korpela relayed
secret information about the weaknesses

of the socialist economy. 

190 pages give of

discouraging information


European  and the Americans wanted to
have  information if the quality of the life
lowers  300 – 400% during - 50 years.

Socialist economy is weak and
took the desire about the life

In the socialist economy the productivity
did not rise up because the human being
was not allowed to work freely at the
workplace.  The commanding and the
supervision took a desire to work down.
The economies of the country failed. The
purpose of the life lowered 300 – 400%.

          A discouraging information had been hidden  
          in a burner tree.   Look at the photograph.

Iivari Korpela got and relayed this
information because European and
Americans wanted to help.  The
information spread wide.

Iivari Korpela got and relayed this
information because European and
Americans wanted to help. The


information spread wide. The secret
information  uncovered,  because an
indifference was a lot.

Uncovering and

secret murder


Russia's secret police found out the
transmitting of Iivari Korpela's secret
information. This discouraging
information would not have been
allowed to spread. Iivari Korpela was
secret murdered. The secret murderers
written the information to Iivari Korpela:

A Reward. The sentence of the death.


You are the spy of the Germans. Out of

There is America, the bad bad country
lives. To you work mistake, when you
relayed information to America's arms
factories.  You are a crooked man. We
have decided, sentence of the death to
practice immediately.

The secret store of knowledge 190 pages
from Germany. I was surprised when the
German person contacted me. The German
gave 190 pages of secret information
about the bad economy of the socialist
economy into my use (years 1910 –1918).

CIA the man studied 190 pages


The information was correct because the
socialist economy counted salaries and the
value of the life, 300 –400% compared to
free west. A lot of social democrats were
persecuted if they talked true. The 190
matters of the page have been attached
to a manuscript.

The information uncovers:  The secret union:
In Finland the people must be murdered.
After the murders the people are
discouraged. The Soviet Union is able then

Sankaraihauta_Nokia_2.jpgto  occupy Finland 1939-1944. The taking
of Finland down failed. Russia makes plans
5-10 years ahead, the information will come
to the west unexpectedly. Also during
present. (The Ukraine). Seppo Korpela
Nokia Finland