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1. Growth up for ...


Growth up for success and


There is the new Finn growth up for success
and helping, to help learning, to companies
and people. The growth Open is the
competition between the companies.

1. Finnish way to increase success and the
helping of the people carnival. The people
have become interested to get new jobs,
tax revenues and different helps for the
companies and people.

The members of the carnival clapped 2
days  when the winners went past.


Growth one wants to take up to different
countries for success and helping. The
growth Open is a competition between
the companies.


2. The carnival collects companies and the
persons of the company a lot together. I
went over in my thinking because the
people have grown over the normal in the
helping of the people.

The persons said like the professors, the 
nobel winners of the prize, Albert Einstein
and suchlike.


3.   Examples about of the

helping of the companies:

-  The human being gets of the good way of
life and healthy life more.

-  The voice makes experiences to the surface
of the skin of the human being.  The making
is beginnig in China.


-  The electricity bill will become smaller
down  40 % when a lot of electricity is
consumed for the warming of the home.

-  The human who is interested at the music
gets teaching and a doctrine with books in
the net with cheap- even though you live
at a distance of 20 kilometres.

-  You learn easily and cheaply even you live
from home far with the net.

-  The working will become with easier.

-  The nurse / the doctor takes care of you
immediately, skilfully and advantageously
even though you are at a distance of 10
kilometres -, with the help of the net.

-  Better pizzas and experiences.

4. I have spent 11 seminar days during 4
months this year.  I have listened to the
lectures and have met 340 top experts, and
discussed with them.

How to get problems away?

How to get the economy

growth up?

What increases success and

help for the young people



The professors, trainers, experts,
executives   and others have told me the
important matters.

5. The young people have asked:

Do I suit forward?

Do the future and the life open to me
when after 10 years of the new work
from ways 70% have not been designed


6. The top experts answer:
Now lead an own life. Be along in the
learning – all kinds of. Be along with a
digital life, be diligent.

Take with the interest different physical
education forms. Enjoy of the hobbies.

Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland


I have got a  anonymous post from
the  film companies from  world.  
Thousands  of thanks. 
Posti reports:
Seppo Korpela has the hen's brain.
The women do not get main parts in
the films.  The young persons must
not pass by   experienced persons.
The alliance agreement is a shit.

I think with a different way  to 10 matters.