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11. The speeches raise
prices up, Wrong

An international plan against

people.  The wrong information is


in the world.


THE RUMOURS are spread

internationally,  the prices of the

building will be rising up this year.

And the rents also are rising up. The

psychologic effect and is air. The

statistics people talk the truth: the

expenses of the building have not

risen -  inflation.

The Finnish building company Fida:
The expenses of the building of


apartments have lowered downwards,
if the work is done with the help of
the digital economy.

Many wrong information and rumours
are spread worldwide. The rise in the
price of the apartments and rents
make a more difficult to 2 ? a milliard

Bengt Holström of the economics
nobel Finland: The crises of the world
will be created when it is played with
the money. Economy the matters are
distorted forward and around the
world. Executives: the prices will be
made to remain normal when the work
methods are developed, the quality is
improved up and the work is done to
the consumers more valuable. Seppo
Korpela Nokia Finland