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USA terrorism why

It is America's racism


I have discussed with the researchers:

The terrorism began to grow in the United States, 
agaist  the American people will come a lie,
  smear.  The study reveals. The
terrorism has shifted  to Europe.

Terrorism will is also born of evil speeches and
writings USA black painting has increased
terrorism. Grievances may be criticized, but
towards the United  States will come also lies.

I've done reviews to smear. When writing / speech
includes hostility against the Americans, terrorists
are easy to remember the sowing of hatred.

Writings and speeches have been prepared
psychologically. The evil voice increase a little
child  big terrorists. Writing has improved
terrorists' self- confidence.

American racism that is, the American black man
painting has begun during the Cold War. The
authors  have been in Europe persons who are not in favor  of the free market system.

Terrorism would be diminished if American racism
did not exist. We must be given the answer to the
wrong issue.   Seppo Korpela Nokia   Finland

Europe once again has been challenged and
mocked  Islam. It stop. Soft Works will provide
more help, no  hard war.       
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland