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This story has been shaped and enhanced by the

Digital Twin and Quality Better with 24 Quality

Sections. Savings, professionalism and speed

were achieved.

The song is followed by the symbol DT = Digital

Twin, We'll see what's almost done. 24 = 24

quality has been added to the story.

Tony's always amazed, a little scared.

already a body room in of the courtyard.

Tony says and wonders:

1. What are we doing in the body


John: - Henry changes his death garment,

tomorrow is  Fake funeral.

DT, Quality, 24 improvement

The digital twin guides the story.

The programme of difficult solutions has

improved  paragraph 15 into the story.


2. Stab wound to the door

John and Tony break into the body room.

John stabs a knife the open lock on the door:

The knife prevents the lock from being opened

from the outside. DT, Quality, 24 improvement

3. A large flower pot falls on the floor.

The men enter in the body room. Tony didn't see a

big 70cm high flower pot and flower. The flower

pot fell on the floor. Dirt and shrapnel fly over the

floor.  DT, Quality, 24 improvement


4. The body coffin is open, the dead

people man is laughed at.



John opens the 1st body coffin. There's a man in

the body coffin. The dead people smiles greatly

with dentures. Men laugh a lot of facials. The

mouth is open because the body, the jawbones

are frozen in this position. Three men smile in

the body room spectacularly.


The body coffin's garment will be removed from dead

people. The body is stiff and the body was lifted to

the side of the body coffin.

DT, Quality, 24 improvement

John warned Tony, "Don't touch the carcass - you'll

get diseases and viruses. Tony is shocked, frozen,

stiff, amazed and speechless when the dead

people is treated with such contempt.


5. The body room in front a car came

The men are taking a hold on the dead people. The

frozen dead people  falls to the floor and the man's

dented teeth roll over the floor.

A Comer knocks on the body room’ door And the

man tries several times to twist the lock open.

Unopened lock because knife  is the inside of the

lock. The knife prevents the spring from rising.

DT, Quality, 24 improvement

John is 200 feet from the door and slightly smiling.

John will follow,  when the knife blade prevents

the lock and door from opening.  Naughty words,

profanity is heard   A little. Perkele, Satana,

Jumalauti... The Man leaves flowers in front of

door  and the car take away.

6. The dead people is lifted inside

the body coffin with the help of a

window curtain and shovel

John ripps down the window curtain.

Stripped-down and naked body lifted with the

help of a torn window curtain back in the body

coffin. The body falls on the floor. Tony's lifting the

dead people  with the help of a shovel back into the

body coffin.

John: Carcass, you've already lived your life. Stay

where you are.  DT, Quality, 24 improvement

7. The dirt is poured into the body

coffin on the dead people's face


The flower pot had fallen on the floor by accident.

John sweeps the shards and dirt out of the pot and

clears debris on top of naked dead people = on the

face... John throws  window curtain and collect

other items in the body coffin. John kicks the

dented teeth into 15 pieces 30 feet to the wall.

John nails the lid of the body coffin and slams the

nails deep into the coffin.  The nails sink deep into

the body coffin. DT, Quality, 24 improvement

John writes the body coffin on the cover



                   We thank you for your courtes

Tony's performance continues: he is shocked,

terrified, speechless,  stiff, looking scared.

8. A small body coffin amazes,

scares, adds sadness

John and Tony notice the small, children's body

coffin  behind the curtain. The length of the body

coffin is about 100 cm.


JOHN starts crying.

John kneels on the floor and starts crying in a

strong voice.

- How a small person can die – at a young age.

John opens the coffin solemnly and cries.

-I would have taken this (10-year-old) girl for myself

to support and support. Satan's drunk driver, was a

newspaper entry, a car ran over a child.

9. Flowers off near the man's body

coffin, flowers on the child's body


John still cries and gets nervous: he tells Tony to

bring a man's flowers on the table. John  tear away

the notes of condolences to the man. He write new

condolences in the name of the child's 10-year-old.

DT, Quality, 24 improvement



John writes on notes

        We mourn the child Lea's way out.

                   City Police

   Condolences to our day's ray Lea

                   City Manager

       We are in great sorrow.

      City teachers and school     pupils, etc.

   Condolences for the Great Sorrow


       Deputy Minister of Education

When you walk in the body room (size 22 m), there

a surprise comes.  The in body room is There's still

a third body coffin. John opens the body coffin

and life shines on his face.

John strips her naked inside the body coffin. White,

tense   Panties are always on.

10. John yells at Tony, who is far away:

A treasure found here

John: - Bring the camera, the video camera

with you.

- Tony: What treasures, a gold teeth?

Tony has 10 different facial eyes when he sees

18-year-old naked Spanish girl. near body

Tony's taking off white, tight. Panties.

Description stop.

Tony's face is going to have even weirder facial

features.  10 facial eyes more.

11. Tony laughs at the girl's genitals,

the laughs will be remembered


ohn: A lovely woman. You could marry in Spanish

girl. John writes new names for a 10-year-old girl

on the papers of flowers.


John, I have an idea, video me when you're behind the girl.

I'm going to play a video for everyone about how easily I've conquered

An 18-year-old Spanish girl.

He sings a love song. Happy facial eyes.

- I fell in love with you at first glance.

- We will be a happy marriage.

- I want to have children a lot.

- I love you very much. Why our path has gone


- We will be celebrating an engagement party soo

I'm sure the guys will ask me.

How could you conquer the Spanish girl?

Why do young people have to die



Then a long silence comes. John cries very little,

furious He walks to the open window.

trees and a mountain see in front of you. He

screams: Speech coverage 100 dB. 100 dB scream

turns back, echo, ring

The cry is so loud that the echo responds: Why young people

You have to die young.

The seniors are gardening, and they hear a scream:

Why do young people have to die young? Seniors

they're wondering about the screaming

DT, Quality, 24 improvement

John and Tony both take the flowers and take the

flowers to mom a gift.  Let's. The End.

This film, part of the story, has been enhanced by

Digital Twin.  Madness.  Tony marry a dead girl. 

It's a crazy show.