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How can we reduce 10 000 kg of natural resources

yearly? We now use an average of 45,000 kg of natural

resources, raw materials. In Finland, 43,000 kg is used per

year, on average.

German University of Freiburg, Envirommental

Science & Technology journal.

6000 kg of natural resources is enough for poor people

per annum.

You consume raw materials and natural resources

- You eat and prepare the food.

- You buy clothes, furniture, small things.

- You heat the apartment and the apartment is prepared in...

  Natural resources have been used for the apartment.

The world's serious problems in the future
1. The human population is increasing too much on Earth.

2. Goods are bought too much over people's needs.

Too much is consumed.

3. There are not enough raw materials to prepare the goods.




Henry makes a hole in the office door with a chainsaw. Henry insists money back.

8 men are horrified. Henry teaches 5 values of life. No carbon dioxide to the sky. He saws the table top patterns.


A huge amount of work came to me now.
The investor's plans provide employment
of the money. A few months...
My development work continues.