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internet_auttaa_violetti.jpgSUCCESSES MORE

There are ways to change the work-up
better.  Work gets more value out and

The use of means have given good
results.  Internet FILM production
helps a lot work forward rapidly.


Internet movie production mukana.
My Internet to help with my work.

The new way is elsewhere, not
these  web pages inside.

It is the objective that the Internet
helps people and work.  The
Internet makes a new way to work

The Internet brings more success
and value towards success.

Success and adding value to
upwardsIt is important for the fans,
because  the fans are far away. 

It is in everyone's interest that the
value and success of the work
rising upwards.

People appreciate the fans, educated,
Online visitors and others. The
Internet has goals, which are kept on
display. Objectives mean  life and a lot
of them are spoken.

Positive action should emerge online
goals, training, values ​​of life ....

Good teaching will help upwards.

Young people have told us out: We
want more doctrines that take the
lives of upwards.

Not  normal development, which
does  not help with the work. 
Problem:  Young people are not
informed valuable  to learn. About
encrypted teenagers.

There are fears that the value of the
older worker falls down.

The success and the values ​​of life
are  close to each other with.
Values ​​of Life will determine the
success  upwards tomorrow  for
the day.

Young people have a life of dignity:
= Young people want to grow up.

The development and the success you
want more and easily.

There are methods for enabling
successful at work, studying, the
production of the film.

I made a thesis during their studies
at the university. I interviewed
directors of 200 companies.

It is the wisdom of the elect others
to work and thinking in.  All work
should not be done.

A lot of work out and better work and
leisure time is taken with.

Value increases when we can delete a
portion of
thinking ...

And work hard, to read, development,
think about  and more in the place that
people want and which  create value up
to me and customers.

The car factory proceed with caution:
Some of the work was stopped when
the car value is raised.

Examples of the value given more  the
product or service included in the client.
We have to learn to eliminate
unnecessary thinking that do not mean
anything to people does not secure

are not conducive to learning
do not help at work
do not improve the use of leisure time.
His replacement will be at the same time
more valuable ... to grow up outside.

There must be thoughts in order.

YOUNG goal is to reach FORWARD
Successes and adding value to help
young people at work and during
leisure time upwards.

Value increases in the movie, eating,
service, product ... value rises far up.


A simple example, when the value goes
up.  Food. Carrot value stood up.
(Photo by means of)

Onion value stood up.
Pumpkin value stood up.
Evaluate results.

In order to be successful, valuable
information is needed.  The success of
the assistance has been collected
about the work close up.

Few targets are set in front of a person,
not nine goals. 9 target scatter too
much  work around.

Not to go to one side goals - goals must
be specified clearly what work is being
done today, during the week.
Please note. Targets for the use of leisure