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Denmark's film field has developed. One wants to increase the professional

skill of the persons. Denmark believes in a better life. The digital

programme and quality are ways to help better. The Danes believe:

we have possibilities.

More than 200 000 euros disappeared.


A Donation for a Development
Project in Film Industry

I have received a donation from an investor. The donation has been

admitted to me to be able to continue the project of the film quality

improving, to finalize the automatic script program and the digital

program, to continue to write new parts to the film script that is

already in process, to study in the film school and to be able to

continue practicing to solve upcoming problems. The things I will

learn from the project of the digital program will be utilized in learning

processes and in the working life.

A Development  with the  Other

The investor wishes that more skills would be learned abroad.

The amount of the yearly donation will be small in the beginning

but later the amount will be increased. I would be interested

to co-operate and to start to use new working methods

according to the digital program. The digital program is

full of different contents, so I am aiming to find out how to

improve the quality of the work and how to be able to

create value to be shown in the stories etc.

The Donation – Only for the
Important Projects

The investor wishes that e.g. the quality, the learning, the

rising of the appreciation of the work, the succeeding and

the work wellbeing would be developed together. This is an

experiment of the development project and the goal is to

achieve a better success.

  1. The work and the learning process will progress to an

    appreciated goal.

  2. The quality assurance will be made for the learning, services

    and working.

  3. The expenses will be decreased thanks to the remote learning.

  4. The digital program will guide others to manage the work so

    that the productivity and success will be increased.

The New Methods Will Add More Success

The content of the digital program:

  1. The value of the work and service will be increased and the

    ordinary ’normal’ work or learning will be aimed to have a

    more valuable result.

  1. The improving and the assurance of the quality are always

    included in the work. The process of improving the quality

    includes 24 parts. Those include the appreciation of values

    of life such as: no violence, guns and belittling of women in

    the films; and the work will be done in a climate friendly way.

  1. By combining the increasing of the appreciation for the work

    and the assurance of the quality, the result of the work will be

    successful. We choose what is the most important and valuable


  2. The section of the difficult decisions in a film will be delivering

    solutions. The challenging actor’s work will enhance the

    people’s the interests, wonderings and appreciations to

    the individual stories. The specialists are solving the problems.

The expenses can be minimized by

using the right working methods. An

idea about the new methods during

the financial crisis. The financial

difficulties will continue for the next

10 years, so we need help.

The world is full of instructors. This digital program tends to

get the project’s participants to work more independently. One

part of the program is to inspire to learn. It includes ways

to do remote teaching and to implement a development project,

and in can show ways to gain savings and success.

The digital program leads to new working methods which

will develop success. The program includes a point that was

used in the UN’s program as well when the industrialization

of the states was developed in seven countries. The people

were inspired to understand why they should succeed and

achieve something in their work. New and better working

methods were introduced at the working places. The people

in general are inspired to think about their own success which

is based in the theory of Timo Niklas-Salminen. The

successful progress is the kind of development what the

UN is implementing. The way of thinking is changing.

The people start to think why they want more goals and

why they want to find solutions to problems. The intrinsic

motivation starts working.

Renewed Working Methods and
New Experiments

The investor’s opinion is that new experiments should take

place. The digital program is leading the service to the film

industry with only small expenses. But the digital program

is still unfinished, so experiments and feedback are still being

collected. Actions will be taken according to the received

There will be no expenses for the developer of the

program during the trial period of the digital program. The possible

costs will be paid by the users of the program. The digital program

will be only used individually because the development and

experimentation are continuing.
Seppo Korpela has the copyright

to this product.
You can find a small part of the development

process explained from my website:   The latest posts 200…

Rescue Theories and Savings

Rescue theories are available for companies that will

face financial difficulties. A financially safe future will be

searched for the companies, employees and internships.

Millions of euros will be saved when many companies

are developing the actions.

I wish to find co-operation in other European countries since

together we have better chances of success. The digital

program is giving guidance on how to work together as a team.

The directors will be leading the development process and I will

follow their course. I will be tracking the background of the

process as a developer of the digital program. I will be creating

new solutions that are based on the gained information

My teachers have told me: ´The world is full of translators, so

you don’t need to be able to do everything.’ (I understand only

written English and my texts are written with a help of a translator.)

The New Working Methods Are
Creating Feedback

I represented a seminar about the development of this project.

The received feedback included for example the following


It is good that the problems of learning and working are being

solved. A project is planned for a long time before the actual

work starts. The learning and working are virtual. The final

work will be formed to be a valuable result. People will start

to think in a different way, and they start to use new working

methods – and as a result of that something new and better

will be created. It is good as well that the expenses and

possible savings of the projects are being included in the

process. The value of the people will be more appreciated,

and it leads to a higher value of the work itself.

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