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2. Own web, skill
rises up


The value and experience/ the skill
of the human being will rise up
when one operates together with
other people. The top experts' advice
is go into with the digital networks.

Reform of my brain and your brain
power increaseforward (= the
visitors on these Web pages).
I thought over of the power of my
wisdom and my brain.


The wise persons talked

Top the experts, professors, the
leaders of the company and others
advised me. More successes will
come when we are together with
the people of the world.

On the contrary

Big opposites


The president the United States is
against by the good values of the life.

The racism went towards over 1
milliard dark human. 3 milliard
women's value was lowered. The new
work is not created on 8-10 years old
child's doctrines. ok.


No women's racism

No girls' racism

No climate racism,  a new

Open trade away racism

No poverty more racism


No young people's racism

I have got anonymous post about
the secret groups.

Economy experts: Sentence: The wrong
doctrines are spread to mankind.

The walls to front peoples. The walls
to front of trade of 156 countries. The
walls to front, The poverty any more
not away from the world. The walls to
front the nature - climate is not helped.


No walls to front the people, the
people profession, the doctors, the
car manufacturers, the cheaper

Our lifebecomes more uncertain

The result of my thinking: digital
networks more. The success of the
ones in the network will increase
when we are together. The


professional skill rises up, fewer
problems arise to our distant. It is
free web pages and you command

You have by the authority. You will
develop when you write and
formulate your web pages. The pages
cost 0 ! euro. When you will now
begin creative work, your value will
rise gradually upwards with the
digital work.

I clarified the matter. You get the
free web pages by an address www. The Danish web

I study the foreign web pages. It is
easy to build and to shape
Simplesite’s web pages to yourself.
Other web pages. You should pay???

and to log in. The most important
matter: Is the



Why do I hope:

I have heard about the professor that
during the digital time networks -
must be built of digital networks. I
hope the following by you:

1. My photos can be freely copied with
respect to my web pages into own use.

The novel/ story must not be copied.


 Somebody can copy your
writing or your photo from
your web page

2. Write and design the matters so that
you / others are able to read them still
after 10 - 20 years. Your writing the
photos remain public and permanently.

Write and design the matters so that
you / others are able to read them still
after 10 - 20 years. Your writing the
photos remain public and permanently.


3. Write of positive matters. CREATE A
YOURSELF. The good life values
remove problems down. 4. Create to
yourself the values which you respect
at your WEB PAGES. -

No the people's value down. - to others
the good ways of life, no smoking, the
good example, little alcohol. No the
sex matters in the photographs, no the
bad ways of life. - No the ridiculous
photos  of self, no from the friends.

The  employer can read the writings
and  can look the

Seppo Korpela  Nokia Finland.   The
name of my web  page changes second Also the old
name suits,

Katra Solokorpi is a good example:
She  creates a positive picture to
environment,  fan