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9.  Benefits to 2 billion

When trading with different countries is going
increase -  I guarantee - poverty, racism, inequality,
marginalization of young people, discrimination
against women, meaninglessness of life,
human-deprecation, low-skilled and 10VapaaKauLipp.JPG

Trading revives a lot when Digitality and
new ways of working is added to work.

Free trade and the digital economy
are the best development aid.

2 billion people received
assistance / income
at trading, 

when a state borders were removed.
There are deleted more  State borders in  a order
goods and services move freely.  The limits down
more - a benefit to 1 billion people more.

More than 20 a award benefits to mankind.  As  early as 2 billion people help Trade Centre's
Director People's Intergovernmental Arencha

Come along on the 40 countries that have
visited our web site. Moving ahead with the
issue of young people.

Here we talk about the start of the trade, no
a contracts.   The trading will do wonders
for all the countries of the world.

When barriers are removed  between different
states, the benefits will be many.

Activity has increased by 80-90% in a small and
medium-sized  companies. The companies are
able to employ and thus the entire state welfare

2 billion people have been out of poverty.

When the trading will pick up, the State's tax
revenue will increase, then money and resources
provide to the  education,  care for the health


plus the rest.   When a person's professionalism,
competence, well-being increasing, all are

Trading in influence

1. Poverty reducing

TRADING has reduced poverty in those
countries;where the trade is carried out.
When there  cooperate and trade, where
employment  opportunities are increasing.
Europe, 26 million  people are affected by
unemployment   2015. 

2. Prices will drop by

Trading will pick up, as the trade agreement to
eliminate tariffs - prices will fall about 15 - 20%.
Happy a thing nowadays.

A desire for the consumers - lower prices -
purchasing power will increase. The Product
pick-up in demand for more the jobs.


Shop gets the money to move.The consumers
have more money to spend. Also, the growing
demand for the products and services so that
the jobs are increasing. At the same  time companies will be safer.

(An independent research institute has estimated
the US and the EU free-trade agreement between
the EU help EUR European 120 billion a year.
The research organization Centre for Policy
Egonomic  Research a CEPR).

3. Income inequalities are

since the number of  employees will increase
Free trade advocates worldwide, as income VapKauTurk3.JPG
disparities are reduced between the rich and the
The jobs will be for those who do not now
have  a job.
The purchasing power is increasing
due to new jobs. The  new people / families get
more the revenue. will. Stable life begins.

4. Tax revenue increase

The economic growth brings liveliness in the state
and the people, when the money, the tax revenues
will be more society the reform, social security,
human health the maintenance and the training of
young people.VapKaupEuro1.JPG

5. The pick-up in life more
economic growth

Economic growth strengthens entrepreneurship
and businesses  can be renewed further.  A
financially strong company creates safety about.

Creditors and investors direct the money to a
businesses and the jobs, if the product or
service are interesting enough to help the

6. Investments in climate

Combating climate change requires the tax revenue,
resources, studies and staff. A poor states do not
help ... climate. Free trade  increase resources to
fight off climate change. In addition to consumption
is an act for the   benefit of the environment.

Trade is increasing cooperation with different
countries.  Now there is needed to spend time
together, in order to increase the cleaning there
the climate. Free trade gives life to hope.

VapKaupKart3.JPG7. People distrust exits

Trading in knowing more about other people / nations,
at the same time reduces conflict and tension of a
wars, militarism.
Mistrust towards people decreases, will the
Knowing has increased in other people's ways of life.

       Free trade against

When people are alone, isolate, close their doors
o  poverty,
o  inequality,
o  nausea,
o  racism,
o  hostility
o  ills,
o  fault-finding,
o  War risk of tensions,
o  terrorism, etc.              will start to increase.
These humankind nausea problems create great
harm, suffering and expense. Expenditure.

The TTIP and cons of free trade agreements need
a lot of changes before they take effect.
When all parties will benefit from free trade,
Trading respected and provides confidence.

Photo We need to adapt
with   the other party


8. Terrorism is left aside

Terrorism will  reduced. The people are not
balanced society when business picks

The state has more resources to create an
operation, administration, reduce corruption, to
increase the faith to young people, to create
justice, and more.

12. The state not into debt

All interested parties are respectful of trade costs
the country's indebtedness. Trading develops
businesses and improve the products and

If the state / company would remain weak, then
the products would be purchased abroad, the
import and sales of imbalances emerging.

13. The number of the
refugees is reduced

There are people who are not in favor of free
trade.  At the same time people prevent poverty,
inequality  plus any other reduction.

The refugees are going to change less in a other
countries.  The refugees the receiving countries
are strained, if refugees becomes less in the
different countries.

14. People discrimination
will reduce,

since there out transactions do not ask about the
age of employees, sex, race, color, religion.
Price, product quality and superiority are the most
important when the products / Services sold to

Women's equality is increasing, because 80-90%
of women have set up small businesses in
developing countries.

15. The EU can compete with
the Eurasian Economic Area

There are groups of people who hope that the
Eurasian  Free trade pick up, the EU would be

Eurasian Economic Union will sell its products to
Europe.  450 million people will experience difficulties
if Eurasia begins to produce products for the
European market.
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland