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5.  The HOPE of better if

The growth of the economy upwards is
necessary in every country. The services
and the welfare increase.

DSC_0001_toinen_kopio_2.JPGWhen economy increases, the work will be
done – the jobs  are created, the MONEY will
come, the  products are bought.
The working gets the money to the business
and  the tax  revenues increase.

Then the country is able to offer more education,
health  care, social protection. The traffic lines and
the homes  can be built, the pensioners service
can service.

There is it, the  necessary
work, poverty will not come

The growth of the economy is necessary to the
country,  companies, workers and towns.

The protection of the climate also
requires  money

– and during economic growth the money has been
always   directed for environment.

NEW ONE,   but, but??

Who get welfare, arrivals, work, certainty to
the life?  You think with a new way forward
ways already now, the work of the future years.


1.   You think of   the  work ways with a new way
       forward   already    now, the work of the
       future  years.

2.   You live forward with new approaches. You
       do your   work better.

3   You want to have more digital programmes
     and  improvements to the work, to leisure
     and to life.

The reforming and thinking people have a bigger
 need to get

o    happiness,
o    certainty,
o    stability to own life and to near people.

You make work and your leisure with the help of
the  digital programme. Take the responsibility for
the matters  themselves and for the life because
the politicians do not  talk about the problems
which come to the people. The  wrong information
is spread around. Some politicians stop  the
reforms for people because the value of the party
falls  downwards.


When there are disadvantages in the
country,  the value 
and image of the
party will rise up  and they will be up 

All activity expands up economy

Old doctrine when you work, the economy
will increase  up. You buy products and
services - (necessary), the  economy
increases up. Discussions with the

Study: All other operations also help the growth of the
economy -, later. You study, you develop yourself, you take
an interest -, the economy increases. When one visits
a gym, you will walk, you go in sports, you take care
of your health, the economy increases up.

Vähemmän tuotteita kaatopaikalle

All activity expands up economy

You reduce down the materialising of waste, produce
less waste,


you protect the climate -, the economy
increases up.

You help and the supports young people in
the life -  the economy increases up. You help
everything old  people, you serve people well -,
the economy  increases up. You discuss with
the people,

you solve  problems, you remove
annoyances down, you design the

the economy increases up. You found the
family,  the economy increases up.

We Can Do It


Chinese, American and English students have
given a  wise correction. When you work in work
or as leisure, you  must observe the good
behaviour and laws and the  authorities’ orders.
For example there may be not a lie  doctor (in
Finland it operated in the 2000's). Young people
of the world has sharp thoughts. I am sure:
There is not  full of piss, is not of bone inside
young people’s heads.

The world economies will not go to the crisis if
the  countries, towns and households do not
spend away  so much what arrivals arise. It is
arrivals and  expenses in the balance.

The economic crisis which has begun in 2008 would be
a slight problem if the arrivals and expenses had been
in the balance, we do not live with the debt, the products
would help people. Digital programmes would direct
working towards a better life. The young people are
innocent to the problems of the economy of the world.
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland