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7. Competition. News.
Help.  Help for the helper1_know-how_1.JPG

The soft tools are looked for the helping of
the people in Finland. It is difficult to solve
the adding of the know-how, the new work
packs and another helping forward.


Quite new.

Contents of pages: 1. Post from world 2. The
help is expected. You may benefit. 3. I offer
better help for you. 4. Difficult work, when it
helps people. The competition.

Post around world

The post has come from the world, Post tells: Foreign_Ulkomailta_postia_1.JPG

1. Do I get my life to the   order? 

2. What profession is the profession of the

3. My learning is slow. Know-how more.

4. In the work one does not feel happy.

5. Our life is uncertain.

6. The important information is hidden about
young people. The wisdom of the adolescents
is feared.

7. Women, girls and young people are

Difficult_Vaikeat_tyot_Finland_1.JPGunderrated down  in the  film field.    It is
unpleasant to  experience it.

8. The money is not enough for the living, the
studying weakens.

9. My life is not in the balance. I keep company
with the girl.

The people want to get out
of the difficulties

The difficult doctrines into the foreign people's
use also.  The big project is coming to Finland.
Much  money is spent on the finding of the
solution a  state of a country, people, economy,
homes  and the others when one wants to cure.


The people of foreign countries have been
interested what soft tools for the helping of
the people are invented in Finland.

Is inventing of the help successful, help to the
people's difficulties : for finding of the

Do we succeed in getting large numbers of
people to along the assistance work? It it is
difficult to get people along because the
objective is difficult. The competition ends
13th 2nd 2017. After that the development
matter is openly talked.  The part of the
matter is still with secretly.

I have been the development project, these
web pages already
more than 2 year time.

The pages contain the development
matter. My objective has been to create a
service better, already for a long time, because

I_wait_Odotan_apua_1.JPGI have life values and objectives to create help
for the people. The objective must be a tool
especially to the young people -, permanent
help, year after year. The work of the
developing must be financed itself, the
country does not give money after year 2018.

The post contains  of  the life  of the expectations


This is a request for help. Tell your friends
about this developing work so that to my web
pages visitors will come more. When there are
many visitors on my pages – it is an affirmative
matter. Somebody get 1 million euros the
work.   The competition ends 13.2.2017. Does
my  project get help for my web pages, to
improve   by some euros – and to you?


Other offers will come to my proposal next
10 computer programs + the companys.
There  are already 2 millions of the same like
companies. What do the people get after
this? I have got post from the world:
Unpleasant writings + post and young people
behind back of the people.   The best
solution is not brought out for the helping of
the people. The 3 different wrong
informations spread around world.


Around the world there are the 3 different
wrong informations: 1. The smugglers tell to
dark peoples: The people are sold about
money to the criminals. The passport is taken
away. The relatives fall in the danger also.

The smuggler deceives and of gives the
wrong information.. Come along, you will get a
job, a free apartment, free food in Europe. Go
with me.  Photo:  OM helpers visit to warn at schools: Your relatives will go to the danger if...

Crooked swindlers number 2


2. In the west the professors lead countries
to the crookedness: For the country  and the homes to live to be a debt is  worthwhile  –
the whole rest of life (even  though there are no tax revenues). The reforms of the laws and economy must not be  made.

It is good to prevent the trade

with different countries. It is

the trade racist.


3. The secret e-mails spread around the world:
The women, girls and young people must not

be given   the valuable information.  
The film field is an example. 

The difficult work of the developing: Here
contents among others:



The people have thought how the life would
change when you get little successes and

know-how more. Which skills would you go in
more forward? Which skills would your life
start in still better?


My difficult work, but big

help for the people


According to my interview, the people have
the unused and silence professional skill and
know-how in the warehouse. Have you had
time already to think how you could tell about
the experience and skills for the helping of
others. Even the small improvements are
necessary because they grow to be big help.

What will the life give to you

when you  get more successes

and skills to live?

From foreign countries post

Make  about the pages of


mine  the own web   pages 

to yourself.  Free

Could we translate the texts of your web
pages into the own language of my country?
We could do the same pages China? To own
native language.

It fits on all the languages. OK.


More Pages, texts will come. The photographs
and texts are free. My manuscript of the film
must not be copied.  Copyright by me.

My condition:


When a text is copied, the contents must be
of the same values of the life. Move life
values from my pages to your own pages.
The economic growth is promoted forward,
the new jobs are created. The companies are
supported so that the jobs will be preserved
in our country. The reforms are promoted
forward so that it will be developed forward.
Digital programmes which help forward a life.
From my pages et cetera.

Remember to bring the good values

of the life to the web pages. It is my
condition.   Values of the life a lot.
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland