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21. Artificial intelligence
+ our life

New_way__onnistua__tyossa..JPGYou study and at the same time + You are

solving  problems away.

1.  I have written more the structures of the
artificial intelligence 71 pages.
The structures
will come 20 pages
from 71 pages. There are
pages 1
76 altogether.

2. Around the world there are people behaving
unsuitably against the people, people and


3. The power men makes the improvement of
the climate more difficult.

4. The power men make more difficult working
and the trade of the world . The racism and
the  poverty are increased.

5. Power the men underrate young people,
girls  and women. (I wrote in the paper: The
artificial intelligence will remove the young
people's, girls' and women's discrimination
in the films, among others if the removal is

6. The new wishes have come: The artificial
intelligence directs so that I will feel well in
work and in leisure. The life will go forward

The jobs of the artificial intelligence/ the
structures were tested to the seller of the
piece of clothing business and in a restaurant.


A. The huge laughters were created. B. A big
group of people began to follow and to be
surprised 20 years old actor butter how do
feed like the 1 year old child eats.
Piece of work.