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14. ChinaseDigi,
a right learning


The digital programme Chinasedigi helps,

directs, advises and improves working.

Road of the right learning: The learning

mekes certain.


Why China?   I look for a help money.
I have not succeeded to get here.
Now China's turn is to work…?
(My planning work takes time)

The digital programme / the brains directs
and advises the service work. The work and
learning increase, enthusiasm, success and
self-confidence increase. The productivity
of the  educational institution rises.

It is possible to add the learning results of
the   Chinese to for the constant learning.

A. You make a valuable service work yourself.

B. You did ready until yourself.
C. You succeeded in work, in leisure time...,
hobby, studying and other.
When the digital programme has been
designed, there have been psychologists and
experts of the education along, so that digital

it - divides help so that you can work yourself.
- promotes your learning you know more.
- gives birth to the affirmative feedback your
   skill is noticed.
- increases your respect.

Road_of_the_right_learning.JPG- creates your safety.
- remove the problems of the learning,
  leisure time, hobbies and work.

Also in the Western countries the studyings
will  be discontinued because the student does
not know that he is getting skills, know-how,
self-confidence and the future better when
one studies.

The digital programme gets

the criticism

Following problems in the studying:

1. It will not be gone to learn for the digital
programme. 2. The learning will not leave

forward. 3. The digital programme of the
users talk to the second persons: These 23

quality skills and  information are not need.


4. It is not known that these skills are needed
in the future, in the work, in the leisure time,
in the hobbies in company life.

5. A person does not want to repel off to the
bad station falling , a person already has
lost away a lot own himself value.
Bad problem.   Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland