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Nokia_phone_1.JPGLEARN from misfortune

The rise of Nokia's phones up successfully.
The development of the phone was discontinued.
The wrong management starts...

The company's problems
did not get to talk to leaders
in the company.

The Improper management techniques ordered.
The Success began to decline.

The company managed to rise, but then came

NOKIA phones History Finland.

At the start the company derived wiht the well.
NOKIA'S leadership was the admirable skills
to manage the company.

Success stood up in the world. Consumers'
wishes and expectations were included in the
phones were designed.

Consumers' hopes began
to be underestimated


2. NOKIA phones prosper. The management
do proud. The Retouching and development
of the Phone 
terminated. Incorrect work will
be done.

Consumers no longer wishes to listen to.
NOKIA'S problems did not get
talk to the

The Development and Retouching should have
Customers are buying less
Nokia phones. I do not care.

Consumers' desires could be established.
NOKIA knew how to do the right thing at
the beginning.

People in different areas of study.
The wishes of the Consumers were asked.

When the  you have a phone, which delights
or anger, when you use the phone.

People's habits were investigated, when the
telephone to keep in touch.

The phone makes life easier ...

These good developments began to decline,
NOKIA while traveling on the road deteriorated.
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland