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Companies, clubs, film makers, people  should too be good

values. Life values  guide you to life well. We thank you

about people.



We   adhere to these life values. N.B!  We'll learn the right ways of working  and living. The rightways of working are in learning.

1. The professionalism and competence of  actors and staff are increasing as work is  carried out through the Digital Programme.

We are not in favour of concealing doctrines  and reforms when we act. Increasing skills and competences is important for everyone. Well-being, happiness and justice are born  with of the right lifestyle.



2. Carbon    dioxide-free film production % _____   in 20_____

We present: The climate threat is serious for  mankind. We have

a program to reduce carbon dioxide to the sky. We're developing

a shortening of travel, problems are known and solved in

advance  through planning and digital software, fewer resources are spent.



3. We aim to reduce the production costs  that are rising to 
high level, when we use inventions at work. Savings will  be
made. Benefits are emerging for  advertising companies

(I'm horrified by the high cost of production.   We need to get the savings to the people.  Savings in for advertising and education also).





Photo: Finnish education meets 80 years ago



4. We told you about the good  goals of high life value.

We strive to be a good example to the  people of the world,

- we understandably tell about racism/the  understatement of people, the harmfulness of ridicule and degrading. We are reducing the understatement of  women.



Statue in Spain or Portugal, I walked 70 miles  to Camino de Compostela

5. We are reforming the film industry, among  others. better quality, successes, well-being,  problems are being

removed from our front.  We increase interest, excitement, wonderment, etc. Movies  without violence.

6. Carbon dioxide is rising into the sky –  constantly. Every 7 billion

people's lives will become more difficult in  the future.

The earth is the property of each and every  one of us.



With Digital Twin we add an important, high  value to work, learning and life. More  successes to the way of our lives.

Old ways of working are wasting companies' money. Big savings

is obtained when DT controls the work with 'inventions'.

In the film industry, no one is interested in reducing

unnecessary money costs. Savings for advertisers – money for

teaching. The  program advises.



Real life values also help the mind stay in


Less CARBON dioxide is produced and gets  into the sky whenthe work is planned with the program before  the job.The climate is not burdened when there are  fewer failures when fewer quality defects  occur