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8. Help will come about
the methods

Too many information rolls over the people.
The excessive information is bad because the
foundation of the life of the human being is
left without the structures.


I met experts: Around the world the wrong
and secondary information is spread. The
unnecessary information does not build
upwards especially the life of the young.

The new work ways must be brought into
use. Digital economy more, because the
worker's safety rises up, the position of the
company goes up. The digital economy and
advantages are distorted.


The work of the new time: The descriptions around world. A lot of savings will come.

The lie funeral

2 Chinese girls weep over the weep at the  lie
funeral = at the lie of Henry. The description in Methods_stool_engl_22.JPG
China – vtransfer here against. I have solved
the background. The description is connected
to a film.

The professor's idea:


When the girls cry in front of the church and at a church, 200 people will believe: The henry died  in the car crash ( lie).

Henry is living at the funeral in inside the chest
in the hiding place. The Chinese girls get the
salary about the weep (the money of CIA).


The  best lie weepers - a dress
the 2nd best lie weepers – a blouse.

The Chinese girls quarrel

who will next lie weep over

the funeral

The mistake on  the designers of the lie

The rumours and doubts spread
about  Henry:

The people begin to suspect at  the funeral
that Henry have  the  love relations with girls.     
The 5  love relations at the same time with
the women.    The dead person is suspected.
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland