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7. Filmfestival 2017
No reforms

The film field goes through work
ways which are 100 years old. The
reforms are resisted. A group directs
wrong: reforms not. The big damage
will come to young people. Millions
euros away.


The solution is the Uber of the film
field           "Be quiet a hen".

 It is good a film, the good narrators,
experts. But the girls, women, young
people and companies the irritated
matters have continued already for
years. I have been forbidden about
talking for years. I get the post which
is without the senders.


Problems which have not been
solved were told at the film party.
The manuscript of the old time is
disorderly, changing, reforming,
reducing and others… difficult to
find the looking for.

The elementary solution + the story


is difficult to find. The Uber of the
film field solves problems. The Uber
will go with knowledge and the skill
about the work, Uber brings the
refined work
back. Could the
shortcoming come: Why did you not
describe this part of the story?

There it will be easy to process the
story when the sections are found
by 730, 760.  The Uber already has
determined the contents of the
story. Quality matters but also: What
does the story tell and why will the
matters be presented this way.


The factors of the

improvement of the quality

with The Uberi is 13

The manuscript of the old time on the
basis of a book. The controllers,     
actors have to guess which this matter
is? One does not get, talk the     


PROHIBITION why matters are  hidden?
From the world I have got much post in     
which it  is hoped to ask, WHY? WHAT,
WHAT?  The helping work is hidden.
    =  help for the people.

The post has gone to the wrong

The posts report: I do not understand
what special will be when it is written
about the developing of the film field.
The improvements have been proposed
- the time of several years. Help for the
people. I participated at Tampere
filmfestival 2017. My talking was
prevented, the public also heard it.!


Before the film party arrived especially
much the post. The sender is not
uncovered. I do not know who is the
sender of the post. The Post advises:
fall off about the matters silent.

Readers what do you think of? One
reads  with my web pages, among
others, with the film field, The allianse
agreement should be brought into use
(it touches the users of big money).


The alliance agreement operates so
that financial matters are not able to
hide. The alliance agreement drives
the tax authorities, worker’s and
company’s matter. The learning and
the improvements are looked for
together. Thanks one also will come
from the tax authorities. The money
is not able to embezzle away.

The tax  embezzles


Tax authorities: The tax  embezzles
will  end when it is seen to where the
money goes. I support that in the
films it is officially agreed on that the
girls', women's and the young
people's value does not have
calculated downwards. The women's
share is at least 28% in the films. The
anonymous letters resist his. Who?

Who has given the order towards the

The second superpower  China has
said,  that the Chinese want to build 
up the film field. We do not interfere
in the matters of people and not
countries. The Walls are built up the
around world - on the basis of country,


complexion, religion. The working is
broken, the sales of the work are broken
down. Who group?

It is a big wish that in the films  the 
examples  are being reduced   to  the  
al-Qaida and Isis   fighters.

It It

Controller Selma Vilhunen ’stopped’ me:
in the film the human being A shows the

size and the magnificence and
underrates  down the human being B.
The person B is  alone the person's A.
Then a  surprising sight will come: The
critical  person indeed is weak and
helpless – In  wheelchair. Selma
Vilhunen  won from the  control of the

There are instructions which are 100
years old in the film. The instructions
have been made at the beginning of

last  century, it cannot read, cannot
write,  cannot calculate. (Finish the
ways,  the  work of the old time. Int
must not mean because even the
feeble - minded human being
understands that it is been inside the
church.. I asked from an 3,5 years old
one if you are now inside : I am. . Ext
means and directs: outside. I asked
outside from an 4 years old one, you
are now outside. 4 years old one
answered I am, I am not stupid.
There is no Uber, feeble-minded
controller. Seppo Korpela Nokia