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12.  The women's
value  upwards in
the films

Large numbers of people hope, that the women's
value rises up in the films. The wishes have come
from the financiers from the companies, from
the spectators. The digital programme increases


Upwards 3 milliard
women's value. The digital 
programme develops
success. Opposition away

The young people's rise does not need to
There's nothing to be afraid of...

The history of the film has been 100 years: the
women have been underrated in the films. The
women must not make the difficult = idealized

acts in the film.

The companies, investors, financiers,
advertisers,  consumers and others are


surprised at the  understatement. It will be
economic growth and  competitive ability
when all are along in the work.

Everybody people the groups are needed

The women are able to act difficult acts to be
admired  repeated when the tasks are
repeated and are  practised.

The quality system improves competitive ability and  offers everybody better service.
Improvement of the  quality to facilitate working with the help of digital 

The quality increases success and there are more than  10 factors with the quality.
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland