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14. Secret groups away.
The  matters improve

The life of mankind would improve when
speakers of the wrong information
would decrease away in the politics.


Fewer conspiracies, the speakers of the
wrong information, the wrong life values.

The collected information tells from
the people:

o we want to build in our life itself

o Country must be conducted in the right


o Economic growth must not prevent up

I have got a post: The wrong doctrines are
offered for the management of the

There is no money - we can
live with the debt


1. The economy of the countries and
world  will be made better when the
countries take the debt - every year.

The debt money brings
the rescue  to  the
household even 40 years.

Problem of the families will not solve
when one lives on the help of the debt.
- The debt does not solve the problems
of the countries away.


Politicians promise 2 times more free
advantages than is the country's money.

It is much money in the country. Secret
group: the railways would to build to
the towns - with debt. 3. The important
information is hidden from people. And
the wrong information spreads in the
world. The digital economy not, new
work with innovation not.

I have discussed with the experts.
There  must negotiate with the
founders of conspiracies.


The secret groups of

In Finland the competent women were
not chosen as the professor of the
film field. The post came from the
women: The members of the conspiracy
have decided already months ago,
women not.

History of the film 100 years: The women
will think this way part of the women of
the films is minor. About 3 milliard
women's value? ? Member of the secret
group: - The women have hit me to the
ears. Minor work to women in film.

My Life values: The racism not, the
discrimination not,  professional skill of
the young people  up, the tax matters
open. Refining of work, service and the
product to far.

Too much life values must not be
brought out. I get the wrong instructions.
I do not follow.  Seppo Korpela Nokia