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16. Brazil, Uber in
the film field


Uber in the film field and the
innovations bring help

Culture will get less support money
In the future.  The development and
productivity of the culture improve

The number of the workers is big. The
arrivals can become smaller to  the

workers and companies.


The changes apply to Brazil also. There
must be seriously taken the prognoses.

The different jobs end around the world
but the new jobs are created. The new
jobs  are a technology, digital services and
jobs in which the Internet in work is along.

The  Internet in work and in leisure will
come during 20 years 50 milliards.  Also
 film  field experiences a big crisis. One
must be along on the road.


The young people have got excited by
my  project: Uber in film field. I experience
that the digital programmes and
innovations  bring help for the production
of the film.

The film  field requires innovations which
direct to improve quality and success. The
digital  programmes are needed for to help
forward the growth of the culture. Seppo
Korpela  Nokia Finland

Oi tudo dum number Brasil

I will write the manuscript about the
Catholics' life in the 1960's.

I show respect towards the Catholics
because the Catholics helped Europe:
We want to be free. We want a free walk,
meeting, the papers, a religion. 1,2
milliard Catholics it is good to know what
the life / the history has been.

Ideal the society became a big

Without the freedom is not the free
Europe. The Catholic way of life helped
to change Europe off the socialist
economy. The quality of life calculated
300% - 400 during 50 years in the socialist

The decrease in the life was stopped. The
people disappeared in the earth 6-10
millions in the socialist economy. The
Catholic people have disappeared, we
know nothing.  (I do not blame anybody,
I tell events.)

The hunger of the information is big

The Catholics wanted to lead their own
life. The manuscript tells the Catholic
wedding and lie funeral, flight through
Europe - with problems also

The people wanted to lead the right life.
The secret police made difficult the
peoples' life for 50 years.

It is good to know the truth from the life.

How difficult a life have the fathers and
mothers led in a difficulty?

The young people make the film. The film
is completed in a new way. Innovaatioit is
along so that the success will increase. The
digital programme helps. We want to guide
young people.

The young people should be supported in
a life. The young people are not a threat...

Camino Portugués I will walk 25 days 170
kilometres in Portugal. Camino Portugués -
Porto - Vilarinho. I will photograph 1000
in Portugal.