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18. The Poles get
the rise up

Britain's brexit brings difficulties to the Europeans.
Products and services are  needed less in the trade.
The money moves slowly in different countries.

The people of Poland can be criticised ( = Racism)
when Britain prescribes a new laws to the

It is sad when Britain left go
away about EU

Secret_goups2.JPGEU is broken down but the rise   of the
economy of 
Poland also up slows down.
There are fewer buyers, 
less   workers are

The weakening of the EU brings difficulties to
the  Poles.  When the people of Poland  and
Europeans  meet the weakness,

the foreign country will benefit  about the
difficulties, militarily. 

The conspiracies  have effect. The future of the 
adolescents will  weaken when EU is broken

The digital programmes help

The digital programmes would give economic growth.
Now the Internet in the  work must be seriously
taken under the speech. The economy will be in 99
per  cent obtained up to the growth when the digital
programmes are brought into use.

The digital programmes in services and production
help forward to the economic  growth.   The replacing
jobs are created to the young people.

Poland works exemplarily

Poland has known how to build upwards its economy.
Poland has been an example to other countries –
because it is diligence and the economic growth.

In Poland the Catholic way of life accelerated the
liberation of Europe out of the socialist economy
during the 1980's. I have examined conspiracies,
the secret groups.

The conspiracies weaken forward especially the
entrance of the adolescents  also in Poland.  I write
the improvement in the manuscript. Seppo Korpela
Nokia Finland