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8. Solution: Talking

Solution: Talking is important
when there are problems,
worry, care about, sorrows,
intrigue, off the job,
our future are going to movie
the mind is going down
negative Talk

A solution: It is important to discuss what
can  be done better.

On the negative things we can talk about
behind  the worker's back,  if the company
does not develop and the business
deteriorates down.Ongelmia_on2.JPG

Catherine Ponteja, PhD
I've changed my dissertation idea,
to better understand the events of life

I believe that much a shit
(= Not truth) will be talked
in the workplace in future

(I have been lacking in the futures structures
in sentence, is going to, I'm sorry.)

Every 3rd off

Every third job is going to vanish, the
forecast says ... 15   after a year.

A great news:     every third job arises and
offers something new. A corporate must be
good to serve the people.

Now there is to lead person correctly.

ongelmia.JPGBad time

In each country a bad time will be different
years. Why?

We know, the world is open now, work is
carried outand the productsand services are
being sold to us  from all over the world.

Around the globe, the same work is going
done  that you do.

A large number of the world will do the job
more cheaply.

In the world a large number will create a new
and  better services.

What helps?

Human skills should
recur up

A person could go to school to learn new

New methods to improve the production of
the film, several hundred per cent  towards
the success ...

Thoughts disappear
There won't undertake  to catch in the
workplace, if the end begins. = Job loss.

-  I don't want commit myself.

The dissertation tells workers worries outward.

The shit talk to us.    The larger companies have
been held a solemn speeches.
The deeds and words go in different directions.

Employees are conducted without any
professional skill.
About the reasons for the change are not
told to the workers.

The work will not be developed and old ways
of working  reformed modern.

Therefore, the company may be slowing down.

A feeling of security in
going  to edd of small
things help

Nuoria.JPGHelp to the company:  Product / Service must
be developed so that consumers, the buyers
give a value to it.

The valuable work is important to the

When the value of work is lifted up, it ensures
safe workplace (researcher Kahn 1990 book).
When the work is easier, enthusiasm
is on the rise in employment.

In the company there
must all be winners

Worker tells in an interview:


Young workers are skilled and  brilliant.

-  A Older workersare concerned, when we
stay then and we can not faster way of

Photo. The EU study: 58 percent
said that older workers are
discriminated down in  the workplace.
Discrimination will has increased. All
are to  blame.

Some older workers may give the impression
that the parts to do the work of a new term.

Older workers can be begins to suspect a few
people  because of.

Digital programs and technology
the workplace has not alienate
off employees work.

Rethinking working methods and new
Management  will not strained  much like Do 
will more results -derivation.  (Kanung
Sarrok 1992, 2002).

Old-time leaders toured jobs around.

Problems are highlighted
over   There were

When I speak to the Director with, the
director seems to always to think otherwise,
and gaze at the toward the computer.

The worker is going alienat from work, if
work does not matter in life.

If the results of the work do not mean the
consumer nor any employee,
the employee will lose interest in the work.
(Allardt, 1983)

When the threat will come at work,

A. The other workers will continue to work
old fashioned-like manner

B. Some will start  to increase their own
value upwards.

We are a major of
people in this company

Translator said to me:  - I am more proficient
translators in this city. Director corrected the
mistakes out.

C. Some flattereth a foremen.

Older women are trivialized, pressure,
being watched, I follow, are not valued in
the job skills, do not talk about important

A Realized communication
improves the nice days of presence.

The realized communication improves
atmosphere, whenwe multiplies a changes

There is explained problem, consequence,
cause,  what do we do...
When trouble will come, what should I do?

Problem Solution

1.There is spoken.

In what way talking about?
2. There is spoken.

What is it talking about?
3. There is spoken.

I have written often in the newspapers:
Let's talk about openly...

That person has a different tolerance to
the changes. problems, worries, uncertainty.

There is important to tell ten other changes +
 issue       Understandably to workforce: ..

Understanding more about the ability to
adapt. I have 50 guidelines for understanding.

In short: A good news from Moscow:
in Moscow A Solitary dogs walk  In the metro
and traveling towards the center.
In the evening, the dogs return to their silent
hometown area sleep.

I laughed.  Dogs  have  fans who say:  Hey,
now is the center of Moscow. And in the evening
Now you arrive at your home.  Or the dog can
smell human odors and remains, therefore,
with the same passengers off the train.

The bad news:
Teachers are wondering when there is no money
to train for a new profession. Every three.
job is going to loss and creation of new jobs.
Seppo Korpela  Nokia