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Make in yourself
valuable person

Lift Up Your principles

A person will be able to enhance their own
value and the value of their work up, when
further improvements to a products and


It's Ways To successfully

When you complete your work, processing of
the value up into the service or product.
The processing means that consumers or
buyers want more superiority products and

The consumer should experience thanks to
your work! 

The content of the information is also added
valuable upwards.
The consumer says hopes.

A one sided information makes
damage to the opinions

I read a book within the meaning of the firms
What value is the director of the company.
I was shocked when a professor? wrote
increase of the value.

Value refers to the Director: Money more a lot of
companies ... the money towards the direction
walls, machines.

I wrote a response: When the work is done,
people have to get by to make a better future.
It is all very well treated.

A Competitive product is purchased -
then you get work.

When a raffinate from work upwards, then
consumers will buy your work. Product
is competitive. Thank you. We want more.
The means can be found.

You do your work means the buyer the value
that the buyer want to buy. Now, when your
work x is 200 euros.

And you improve the work of 150 euros, you
made a honorable work (350 e).

I was meeting with (the film industry) people
and I got the impression that the young people
so want to help up because they can bypass
for older workers.

Advice on the success of Nothing told to young

Strange news comes in
The world is moving
towards  a strange head

Research ETLA: Employers:

Every 3. job run out within 15 years.
Another study, Employers:

Central-paid jobs are reduced.  It is experts
who have income.

It is workers who are a worse  salary.
Knowing the average wage and the average
Jobs will be lost.

Who is paying the taxes when the taxpayers

Children and young people need to train to the
profession. The sick need to be treated to top
and to help the weak up, when you are difficulty.

A diligent contacts, to learn and create a better
to help people. When you complete your work
digital with economic methods, consumers are
satisfied the low prices and quality will improve up.

The old way of doing the work does not interest
the consumer. Digital economy serve the customer