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Reminder to bad leaders of the people

The people want to have protection and
steady growth, certainty to the life.  
Management of the country must feel
responsible for all 6 milliard people.

There are already enough problems
on all of us


Scientific study: 1 milliard people have got
already the improvement to its life when it
is traded by international. Things and
services are made. The countries sell and
buy products. The people's welfare is
obtained upwards.

A bad should censor.

I discussed with my experts.

China has added growth to the economy of
the world, China's growth more than 6%.
One wants to break China. China resists.

Open24/7 Chinese way of life school.


The 2 countries of the West have been
interested interfering  to China's internal

The breaking of China's economic growth
and stability succeeds so that there will be
gone in the state of China and taken more
power at politics, television, films, papers,
at the social medium.

Examples of the bad plannings, (The
experts have told me)

1. Dozens of quarrels between people.

2. Is economic growth needed during the

3. Is trade needed with different countries?

4. Is the present estimate union needed?

5. Is the modernising of companies needed ?

6. Wrong economy doctrines one wants to
     bring  to the discussion of the Chinese.


7. The quarrel would be liked to be created
    with   Chinese and the management of the
    state of China.

8. The quarrel would be liked to be made
     between  the people of the towns and

9. The drugs, alcohol, cigarette should be
     freed …

10. The bringing up the children should be
    made free. Free growing. The children do
    not need to be brought up.

11. The films of the West express the wrong
     values of the life.

The country of the 2 Wests has a great
interest to bring films to China to the
spreading. Reasons: The right quality of the
films is: the weapons are used  by skilled.


The violence is used skilled and fast towards
the people.

We have big profession of sex stories and of
use weapons.  We are proud of the American
crime films.

But, but: Many films of the West express by
the wrong the life's values.  Seppo Korpela
Nokia Finland