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5. New working methods

The new working methods to film field: The
work is changing to valuable. The Uber of
the film field is exporting information and
skill with the help of the digital programme
and brings success and the refined work.


A post from the world:  The young people
want to come along to the work of the film
/ to teaching and to other.

The Chinese: we could support upwards the
developing of the film field. The United
States is too expensive in the developing.
China has the right life values and the
desire of the developing.

A finished product / service

becomes  somewhere

The work around the world.

The parts


A wedding dress is designed. The wedding
cloth is smuggled from Spain. The Chinese
girls weep over the weep in the lie funeral.
The henry lives inside the coffin but he is lie

The work around the world, the parts

John breaks into the mortuary. John  opens
the 3rd coffin: 18 years old Spanish girl. The
clothes are taken off. The brassieres  and
underpants stay.  And...

The imagination flies over the heads.

The work around the world, the parts

The search announcement: The Henry and
the woman hid in the coffin. Before the
hiding 2 dead persons are thrown on  the
river. When the coffins arrive at the
graveyard, the Henry and the woman will
leave the chests. The Henry fills the chests
with earth = the same weight as a body.

The work around the world, the parts

A description in some world : The Henry and
the woman walk away near the camera. Do


you believe in the going subsequent to the
death? On the basis of today's events:
I believe.

The secret police 85 kg is carried from out
a wedding.

In some country: The father drives by the
motorcycle, along, a child + a child + a wife.
The motorcycle draws the bicycle along a
boy + a boy. Good landscape behind. In
some country: the man drives the bicycle.
In some country: the man stands on his hands.

The work around the world, the parts

Uncle gives the pistol inside the coffin to
living Henry.
The change:

The Uber of the film field: the pistol may
neither be shown nor be used.

We give neither examples nor support to
Isis terrorists.
The terrorist organisation looks at the film
production of the others. Uber of the film
field has been programmed:

No Isis to the terrorist organisation.

Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland