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Tunisia, the Peace
Prize  in 2015

Tunisians were able to negotiate, even
a quarrelsome
people had at the

The Peace Prize. Dispute instead sought
solution to remove to the problems.


Peace came to Tunisia
negotiation to + Peace

Tunisians received the Peace Prize
because the Tunisians are able to negotiate

calmly difficult issues - difficult with the
atmosphere - in difficult circum.

Skillful negotiation is looking for the

There is a skill that people quarrel
are brought to the table to discuss.
Solutions sought instead of moaning,
so that problems do not tear down
the standard of the living, 
built the life and others.

The Negotiations great
help elsewhere

The Learn to be taken all over the world
from Tunisians.

All are grouped together
trade union,
law experts,
and individuals who
seek reconciliation.
(as President Martti Ahtisaari)

Finns trained Tunisian
to solve problems together.

View the problem will be resolved
the on Web-pages