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I examine conspiracies,
secret groups: OFF

In the world it is groups which only want to have
advantages, advantages to self. The competing group
does not need help. There does not want to remove the
problems. It is not talked about the big problems.


Conspiracies, the secret
groups have effect around us

The big damages will come especially to the young
people, because the young's life is longer.

I studied in the University of Tampere for 9 years.
I got control from the outside: I also examine conspiracies.
Conspiracies / the secret groups make big damages in the
world. The effect of conspiracies touches  5,5 milliard
people. The defeats are milliard euros to the people.

I studied independently after the university: The
vandalism  of conspiracies away. I made a 600 page
report to the  authorities: The Conspiracies and terrorism
less with  the programmes.

It is important to reduce

The financiers, investors and companies, Americans
supported and encouraged me. Result of the learning:
Increase development, success, safety and the public
expenses smaller.

The Conspiracies' members design big problems, for
example wars.  (There wants to move big refugee
numbers to Europe)

The conspiracies were born during the Cold War
because 2 social systems competed for the superiority.
The socialist economy disappeared, the quality of life
weakened downwards 300- 400%. The salaries /the
standard of living calculated considerably downwards.

It is big conspiracies, they weaken countries, financiers,
companies... It is small conspiracies, they make the
peoples' life more difficult.

Conspiracies, the secret groups
hide information

The Objectives of the members of conspiracies.

1.   I want to have all good one to myself to colleagues,
to friends only. The advantages are designed to these.

2. The valuable and useful information is hidden from
the second - ones. It is not talked, not written.

3. One does not want to solve the problems of the
people, companies or countries. Problems it is let one
to continue for years –forward. It it is not talked about
the problems.

4. Problems, the weakness is expected and one wants
to the competitor = to another party. Seppo Korpela
Nokia Finland.