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for our life

Also the history of the world proves:
when we reform everybody: The
Economy, the wearing out of the money,
the work meets, leisure and other, we
will get a better life.

Also the new thoughts are a victory to
the life


The people work matters for their life in

The people remove the roadblock?
which prevent learning and the getting
of arrivals. With help of digital

The know-how will not increase if a
person have the personal problems in
front of the life.

The government also makes many
improvements so that the economy
growth and the people's know-how
would increase. There are the barriers.

    there are a little tax revenues

  there is a little economic growth,

    there is a little income the
         foreign trade.

How do we add the soft tools for the
people's know-how, learning,
activation and for helping??

Seppo Korpela Nokia