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5. Free trade, prices
fall away


The present to 1 milliard

The free trade reduced the poverty of 1
milliard people. Jobs will come more.

The breaking of the dream of the human
being ends. The taking of prices up ends,
the keeping of prices high ends.

TTIP and TTP must be changed into the
trade which helps people.


The young people secure of the future.
Do the people understand the big matter?
Build a new free trade with 15
6 countries

The arrivals and the welfare will more again
come to 1 milliard people. (Open trade,
Spaniard Arancha Gonzáles). The open
trade   also is good.

1. The work will come more. 2. The prices
fall down because the customs go away.


3. The companies make products and
services which help people. They can be
freely bought at the Free trade.   100
devices / the machine has been made, they
help the climate with clean. The free trade
promotes sales forward. The hand
straightens for the climate.

4. Why are opponents of the Free trade?
Opponents: At our family there is friends,
entrepreneurs. The Free trade would
prevent our company’s
   prices about the
taking up.
This is the demonstrators' trouble no. 1.

When there is the Free trade, the keeping
of prices up will end. This is the
demonstrators' trouble no. 2.

The Free trade requires calculation of the
prices of the products and services down.
This is the demonstrators' trouble no. 3.

The Free trade the deceit ends, the lie price 
ends.  The Free trade  ends  the hiding of
high  prices.  The free trade finishes breaking
of the weak people.


China is creating ownfree trade with the
states of Asia. EU and America will go
downwards, China goes forward – Wise.

The people of Asia want to secure and to
build   to the young people's future
, the
economic growth up and more money. The
removal of the poverty of 1 milliard people
interests 6 milliard people.

When there is economic growth, money will


come and it is helped for the better

Internet with services    Picture. The service
branches increase . Raw materials of the
world are saved.  A Coal industry  has been industry earlier.


I get much post. The secret groups design the
wrong acts so that the life will go to a bad


direction. The wrong acts have been
thought of for years.  Seppo Korpela Nokia