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Japan culturalJapani_lippu.JPG

This is the Japanese way of  A weeper
will cry to the funeral. Henry's fake
funeral   is the Japanese weeper.

To Henry's fake funerals would seem to
ring true and be genuine, the funeral is
planned for long time.

Professor knew that crying women tend in
Asia to pack when you are down to grief.

Professor asked the Chinese, but they
reported that  Japanese the students
of the theater school cry at the funeral -
for a fee  against.Japani_lippu2.JPG

Later, people needed to cry. Quality class
D, the highest workmanship.  The student
is able to cry and skill are valued  upwards.

Ten people were chuckling at the funeral.
200 people are sad looking down.

Henry's funeral, the movie:

John: Yes, a person is able to grieve and to
play the role professionally. Who is weeper?

The weeper is a Japanese the student of the
theater school.
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland