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10. Wrong information
takes down a Rise_of_the_home_rents_up__e_1.JPG
success and...

The wrong information makes big damage
around the world. It is rumours, raise the
prices of home. Also the professors spread
the wrong doctrines from the economy.
The economic difficulties
continue forward.

The wrong information makes a big
damage around the world.

My expert the group collected the story
about the values of the life and


The  writings which help the
successes at leisure, work, studying
(digital programme).   The objectives are
important in the life.

Also the experts know: A lot of wrong
information is shared in the world.

The post also has left from the professors:
The salaries of the workers of towns a
debt is being paid for by money.

Wrong: Also the rumours raise the prices of
the home and rents up: When always it is

1. the  prices of the home will rise up, Works_value_rises_up_1.JPG

2. the  prices will rise up next year,

3. the rise  will come,

4. buy now the home the prices will rise up
next year.


Wrong: For example women’s and the
young people's success are made more
difficult down  in film field. up. The
information is systematically hidden.

It is doctrines

how work, an objective and  a goal is made
big. The work is refined high.

It is  doctrines how the big problems also
are solved away.   The life in the work and
the   leisure will become easier.Value_rises_up_2.JPG

We work more hard. This is wrong.   > We
learn to choose the valuable work which
helps myself and the people. > When a
human being will get first the vitality from
the physical education ( walk, physical games
and others), the life will grow up bigger. The
weekly physical exercise improves up a mind
and happiness. The stress decreases down.

When a human being is reaching for in the life
too much, the success will not succeed
because the energy is divided away to too
many directions  (Amanda Augustine). Change forth the objectives.
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland