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Return to the web pages later. Please.

The film, novel Copyright by the author   Teaching is free.


The digital programme is skilful
improving up the manuscript.

The automatic machine remembers
better than a human being.problems_away_2.jpg

 The digital programme is not a action intelligence. There is laughed at my work. The Chinese have been interested...

I am creating the new pages every week.
The photographs are taken by me.

On the web pages the visitors

have  hoped for the writings to

these pages –

o  The truths more.

o  The helping quarrels_to_world._Riitoja_leviaa_1.JPGof the young people adds.

o   Information and skill more.

The economy growth adds.

o   The jobs add.

o   No racism.

o  The girls and women are not
     underrated down.

o  The women's value up.

o  The environment is protected up.

nuori_nukkuu_ok_.jpgSupport the young

people up

I have got a post from the world.

The young people have written:
Methods of the success, doctrines
are   not said to the young people -,

Koira_2_jalkaa.JPGthe secret groups exist.

The artificial intelligence and digi
programme the copying has been

For the information.

I am writing   my readers important
matters. There are  plans for the time
of   many years.  I have written about
the year 2015.   It lacks.


213. More profit to companies / WORKER



216. Digital twin brins BENEFITS

217. Super of the supernatural

218. Modern management



201. SUCCESSES MORE202. Successes more: TOWARD

TO BETTER LIFE 203.  Values of life  Fiilings  Appreciation to...




InGermany, France

5.5.    Blogi, Uber of the film field
7.5.     Blogi 3. Wrong information has
10.5.  International, 16. Brazil Uber in
           the film. Read the disappointment
17.5.  I reformed,  off the mistakes,
            Interenational America, 3, 2
23.5.  The  Secret groups away. The
            matters    improve.

Ei_ilmastorasisti_engl_kirkas_2..JPG27.6.  The behinning of Terrorism, America1
29.6.  17. INTERNATIONAL: I examine   
          conspiracies,  secret groups: OFF

4.7.    18.  INTERN The Poles get  the rise up
9.7.   The women's value upwards. See Design
            dising of teh film, please.
13.7.  Free pictures of Portugal, CAMINO

16.7.  13.Savings, successes, secrecy.  Design
21.7.    Caricature: Angela Merkel - to graveyard
28.7.   Blogi: 4. Climate HELPS yo

4.8.     INTERNATIONAL; 20. USA 4, president,
15.8.    Film  design; 14.
Every 3rd job disappears
             away.   Long story.  The professional skill
18.8.   See  Cartoons The secret group is examined
30.8.    Blogi: 4. The HOPE of better, if economic
            growth up
9.9.      Welfare from products and service
            +  See cartoons
20.9.  2. Young people's wishes
27.9. Young.. 4.  Problmes away, the
            secret unions, the Help
5.10.  The trainer gives a good mind
             good feeling
10.10. I apologize… Trump Not women down,
Film design. 15. Secret murder
             and the True

18.10. Blogi, 9. Nobel helps upwards

24.10. Film design 2 The professor's letters
            to the women are not of true.

Skills_know-how__Parempi.JPG29.10.  Young people 1 Growth up for
             success and helping.

3. 11.   5. Values ... the prices fall away

11.11. Own web = 0 e, the professional
             skill rises up, 
No climate racism

16. 11. International  B The Indian young man
              wants to send...

24.11.  The standard of living rises up  if. Values...

2.12.     Film design B 3. Uber digital have a better

15.12.  Blogi 10. Helping requires big powers,1million

26.12.  Values Quality    7.  Competition. News. Help.

7. 1. 2017 Help will come about the methods.
               Work in many countries,

18.1.     Young people 5.
Teamwork, work
              Finnish language:
Ratkaisu100. How to get
              know-how and successes. Pages more.

29.1.      Uber of a film field and servic, easily

11.2.    Film design 4. Stop, the crookedness
               and the USA.
The examples from  China
22.2.      Film design B:  The new working methods to
                film field: No the examples   to the Isis

2.3.        Young people: 6. What successes for
                our life?
5.3.          Film design B     6. Digital guides and... more

17.3.        Filmfestival 2017 No reforms: Film design B 7

25.3.        Film design B, 8. al-Qaida and Isis not, flowers.

28.3.        Film Design B: 9. New work methods laugh at
5.4.          Blogi 11. The speeches raise prices up

9.4.          Xi Jinping president of China, cooperation
28.4.        Film design B: 10. Wrong information takes         
                 down a success and...
9.5.          Film design B, 11. Group meeting, May 2017.

Skills_rise_up_1.JPG24.5.        For young people 7.The day of the  success.
13.6.       For young people, 8. SUCCEED IN MY LIFE  the...
20.7.       International B. 3. 12 milliards problems

5.10.    China rises up. Quality rises up
15.9.   China is rising up ..
Poland is interesting. Development programme,
10.10.   China rises up 3. By digital programme up
17.10.   China up     4. Entertainment UP
1.11.      China rises up:   5.   STOP BAD INFORMATION
China    6. Helping work methods
13.11.   China 7. China's reform work
26.11.   China 8. Quick and interesting learning. We feel 
               happy at the work.
1.12.      China 9. Authors   of the value is winning...

2.1.2018 China Safe life at the work to everyDigital_programme_24_osaa..JPG
7.2.        China up… Chinese saving way 3
9. 2.       China up...  Chinase saving way 4
3.3.        China up... 14. ChinaseDigi, right learning

26.4.      China up 2  16. GOALS, highlights ...
16.5.      China Up 2  17. Good thinking – speed to the
15.6.     China  up 2 18. Help for the companies -
               advantage  everybody
16.8.     China rises 2: Better outlook, we have
5.9. China rises 2: 20. We are in good condition, when...
22.10. China rices 2:  21. Artificial intelligence + our life
24.10. China 2;  22. The people have time of the fate
2.11. China rises 2: 22. Chinese savation doctrine =a Help 27.12. International B 24. Digital will bring HELP
13.2.2019   International B 25.The help –a debate began
19.4. International 2.  26. welfare will come + POWER


 The young people have Quick_learning_12.JPGdifferent  the

expectations of the life. The life would

ave to be started forward.

The young people have different
expectations of the life. The life would
have to be started forward.

My expert group are solving the problems. We are   developing the up programmes and  plannings better.

The Internet work / the digital programmes
create up new work - in front of us.
  work  of the digital time is an
important  doctrine –  others learn them.

50 milliards  the Internet
connections will come before
the year 2028 (the professor Matti Pohjola).
I have been  horrified when the  digital time
will come  and to destroy old work out of us.




The digital time
added up jobs in Denmark 160 000.
The old and heavy work ended down
100 000.

The Pisa education is needed more on the
web. The working hours and the leisure
change. When the young people are helped
up.  The result:  1 euro for  the young people
produces 6  euros an  advantage back.

Aapo Funzi teaches young people to 
learn abroad. The Finn  helps  always.


Young people have suggested: We have
a  lot of  involved in this ... I have a while
behind studies,  innovation, development,
quality up.

I have met a large number of professors, of

executives, of doctors and others. I have

asked the wise people for the solution of


problems. I refine information of the wise

forward to these pages. Please.

The Internet work / the digital programmes
create new work - in front of us. Therefore

work  of the digital time is an important
doctrine –  others learn them. The Internet
50 milliard  connections will come before
the year 2025  (the professor Matti
Pohjola). I have been  horrified when the
digital time will come  and to destroy old

work out of us. Leisure ?  Revolution.


The Pisa education is needed more in the
net. The working hours and the leisure
change. When the young people are helped.
Result:  1 euro for  the young people
produces 6  euros back, an  advantage.



Aapo Funzi teaches young people to 
learn abroad. The    Finn  helps  always.


The Finns teach abroad young people. I
pay every month Education money abroad.
The universities came to payment to the
student  if  student will come  the EU or
the EEA area  outside  to Finland.   

Automatic machine Uber. The manuscript
is completed with the help of the automatic
machine. The digital programme advises.
The automatic machine does not copy, it
does not imitate others. Uber the film in
the production. Laughter, tension, surprise
is a lot of in the film.


The quality of the leisure must be better to
the people. In the life it is values which
must be brought out. The racism not, a
decrease in the people's value, women
must not be underrated in the film, not, less
carbon dioxide rises up to the sky, life
skills to the young people, the economic
growth more protection +. A debt not.
I read / study the secret societies, the
secret groups in the university of Tampere.
Why is our good life resisted downwards?
Negotiations. Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland



It is the safe country  to live in Finland. At
the university, on the street the women do
not need to go with the dagger.

The picture gives the wrong picture
of the studying.

Tension in my novel. Spymen Henry
and his girl friends. The film tells the
true events how the people want to
walk freely, to read newspapers, to
listen the radio, Elvis, Beatles, to buy
clothes and other. The people did not get
these. Henry and
his friends fight so that a better life
would begin. There are many laughters
in the film.

Upwards 3 milliard women's value. The

digital programme develops success.
Opposition away.

The young people's rise does not need
to afraid. There's nothing to be afraid of...

The   history of the film has been 100 years:
the women have been underrated in the
films. The women must not make the
difficult = idealized    acts in the film.

I get bad post from the world: Remove  the raising
of the girls' and women's value up the partof  from you
digital programme. Hell.