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4. Guarantee, problmes
away and...

The problems are obtained away 8
steps remove problems.
of the countrys, companies and
household the matters will be made
better when economy + functions is
reformed. Advantages and reforms
are found for the helping of the


I made The grant fetching (the help
money), 565 pages. Objective: More
help and advantage to the young
people. There are 300 other pages.
Altogether signs 1 million. Contents:

The young people are helped forward,
along there are an innovation,
improvements, development... The
first  The grant fetching I did not get
money, the help.
  Will I get in
December 2016?

The post has come from

the world to me

Persons telling why you did not get:
Australians: Allianssi is an
agreement. It is an Australian
innovation. The parties of the group
are honest to each other. The tax
authorities / the authorities are not
deceived, a deceit not with the
people. (A honesty) the
The Allianssi...
The deceit is not made with the
(I myself do not take a
of the rejection.)

The Post from American women. In
the film the women's value is raised
up. The valuable information is not
hidden innovations and technological
improvements = the inventions are
advanced. You have 15 life values.

But, but the secret unions

the secret groups resist.

The reforms are resisted

I get anonymous post. The post
proposes to tell about… The young
people would not be allowed and
the young people must not go, past...
the parents,

METHODS. (I do not accept...)

In the countries the wrong
information about the economy
should be shared. Wrong
information about the helping.

Post from world:

Secret groups, secret the unions
operate up and are in contact to
with others the secret groups –
on world. Experts: E-mail  The secret
groups hide well a information.

My plans: 1 million signs, 1000 pages

are changed into the innovations,
doctrines, valuable advantage, help.
Digital economy and programmes
and such like. I move the matter.
The mistakes of the English language
come out. It is not time to the mistakes.


The life values of the web pages and
of operation

not the racism

the women's value up

the economy growth up. Economy so
that it will be succeeded

the poor homes / familys away

The digital programmes help work
and  services

I talked on the exhibition / in
seminar 27.9. It is talked about little
the help of digital programmes.

200 milliards e the damage will come
when the REFORMS are resisted and

the secret unions operate around us.
The valuable information is hidden,
the reforms are resisted.

The page is unfinished. the
text and the pictures will