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6. Works can found
in the services

The number of unemployed is 200 million
people globally.  A Large number of people
are doing just a short week of work.


The works can  found
in the services

The work is growing up in services.
The Industrial jobs is releasing work
off in the future. The Industrial work can
not make with a old machines  and with

old working methods.

Automation, robots will
drop down the price of
the the products

When the industrial automation work is
added, product's prices go down. The
invoice price is for consumers  … that
makes sense, thank you.

There will be changes
in   services

Time is released from the improvement

Picture. I watched as the young man made
hand and artificial hand using food and

Evrybody's worry in a service

The Services, a film production it is
necessary to digitize so much that the
superiority is  increasing  and a consumers
intereste to go to the services.

Wrong, the movies may
not pay  this much

The Reasonable work prices give jobs
a people.  There is shocking, when the last
James Bond film production cost about
EUR 300 million.

Companies and people in the cultural sector
are hoping tothe work for themselves. The
cost of production

are not allowed to rise so high.

It is in everyone's interests that services
develop upwards and services
benefit of consumers.

A squirrel entertained me but did
not serve.  The squirrel gritted my hand.
After two seconds.

There is Better, if we
want to

Nobel Prize winner, Finland's President
Martti  Ahtisaari, the Africans helper

Unemployment is falling down, the
economy will rise up, when the decision-
makers and social partners wish away