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One million euro


One million euro saving.

There is finded savings virtuality. Looking
over  the top down.

Economy is growing up

When life are viewing over the top  down,
bird's eye, like, is noticed improvements more.
The savings of one million euros came from ...
This is the digital economy program.

Successes with eye

There is succeeded and increased
productivity, when there is considered a
bird's eye way  on the top down.

Success, saving and others begin while
there is looking Affairs flow, motion, people,
work from the top  down.

Linnun_katse_2.JPGLooking to find the top

Million  savings of EUR  is gave an
undertaking which was a virtual image
on how to work and things run company.
Looking over the air downward.

The company was planning a warehouse,
but the virtual image, the bird the eye saw,
there is no need to build  the  warehouse. The
work goes faster the company forward ... There
is not built the warehouse.

Earth's surface did not note

When problems and success are viewing  only
the  horizontal position of the surface, does not
see the whole. It will not notice, how the problem
can be reduced.

The film is produced. Example.

Linnun_silman_avulla_2..JPGEmployees come to a work.
A. What work effort a person makes to the viewer
/ consumer?

B. How does the quality of the work will improve
the customer's eyes?

C. The product / service value, dignity is
improved. Is seen as an improvement?

D. Many satisfaction is improved. when you start
to do the job.
Errors, waiting times, dissatisfaction, problems
when working learn to know in advance.
Waiting times, problems and others are numbered,
then they have in mind.