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Funerals are a lie

Actors, roles

Speech, while Henry is a
lie dead.


Henry Does not go to hell.

Speech at the funeral, Henry is a living man
inside a coffin. Funerals are a lie.

... Henry will not go to hell because he lived
honest life ahead.
... Messages of death comes to us at a steady

Professor keeps the memory of the speech to
Henry's funeral  period.

Henry cast  buried down because the secret police
would be shooting at him, if Henry found. A burial
fool the police.

Professor has read too much theory from a books.
The Speech is  horrible to families and 200
during the funeral.

The speech contains the theory, not a warm
of Henry.

Authorities would have had to change the content
the speech.

Yesterday evening, professor, Henry and others
a lot when the funeral was planned.

Actors, roles,

Funerals are a lie.

Designers are chuckling 2 months prior to the

Professor is a madman

The professor's mind went down to the broken
and he  has overseen nights. He is too tired
to work, when designed  forward fake funerals.
(Young listened to the speech ahead surely)

The speech starts

Ladies and Bereaved Henry's friends.

According to a statistics, people are dying
at a steady pace. The. OK. The statistics
tells us that each day of the week
down the dead - evenly. a. the.

The gravedigger told me that Smooth dying
facilitate the gravediggers, burial services

We have been forced to abandon honest
Henry - surprisingly.  
No one could design
a welcome death.

Conventional life collapsed down when we
got the sad news,
Henry has passed the
portal of death.

(Six people is laughing at
a funeral - secretly)

John was the first who came in a car accident
the scene. Henry's last word was - before death
retriever: Do not mourn ME DOWN.

For us, the entry of death was an intense

I believe that Henry did not go towards the gates
of hell,
because the quality of his life was honest.

He will meet  Up after rising only a good people
in Heaven.

Now begins a surprising twist at the funeral.
Continuation will come later.

Professor is tired too much, when you have
Henry's funeral. He dug at night
secret place next to the tomb. Henry moves
there when the coffin is lowered to the grave.
There is a huge amount of ridicule for 2 months.

Professor forgot about the funeral oration home.
He speaks of this text by rote,
if you remember to bring out.