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The digital programme gives the right road for

learning and development. The testing strengthens

the result.

I have held 6 negotiations / the seminar to the

end. Subjects: digital programme,

disappearance of money from bank account

and from learning, quality of the service and

films to the people of better, certainty covid

19 virus after.

The feedback of the



The learning, the education, the getting to

the development of money, the weak and

slow development and help, film field and                 Photo: EXPLAIN

others change permanently.   The old work

ways do not return The new work ways

will be coming instead

Direction for the strong


The people's future and life will strengthen

and ensure when the work of the high

value is done, the digital programme is used,

the problems are solved away for the life -

for own life and from the front of other


How we would succeed together …we

would make the customers satisfied?

Dood_feedback_is_205..JPG We would get good feedback from

the people.

What obstacles are you meeting when

A.   you study B. you work,   C. you

increase your professional skill?  

The development brings a

improvement forthe human


There are 200 pages in the 205._Whot_obstacles__in_you_work..JPG

digital programme


How do we learn to choose today the

right work which gives more success?

The development brings a

improvement forthe human



How do we learn to choose today the

right work which gives more success?

The digital controls. Who directs people

without a digital programme? Test:

There is the quickest doctrine, the

expression learned the face.



Which else will you spend on your time

when you spend free time, you will

work when you learn a new matter?

What objectives do you want to 205._Digital__connects__skill_and_power_yhdist..JPG

achieve so that the consumers,

spectators would become interested

in you (your work would be valuable

to the people)?

What drawback does the problem

make to your studying and your work?

What the

adding of your

learning do mean 205._Whot__objectives__to_your_skill_tavoit..JPG

to the people?

How is the adding of the learning 

affecting your use of free time to

human relations and to another life?

A how new custom to work would it

be helping you in learning, work?

What would be 1. skill in your 

profession, a dream skill 2. skill

3. skill?

What objectives do you want more

to your professional skill?

What the digital programme'

work ways would bring successes

to you?

For more what skills do you hope

205._Digdital__teaches__to_solve_prblem_away..JPGto yourself?

What obstacles are in the learning 

new professional skills , use of

new free time

The digital solves

the problem of

the learning away