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3. 12 milliard problems

There is 6 milliard people in the world.

Every human have surely the head 2
problems, problem is hampering with the
life. Could there be altogether 12
milliards problems ?


Is there a  live without the big problems,
without shark, an obstacle, failure in the

My problem, my drawback , my annoyance,
I already failed.


The obstacles of the life weaken down
working, leisure,

hobbies, studying,
social life,
family life, children,
parents, relatives,

The country does not have time, the
different problems of the people are
not able to remove down.

You must repair up to your

life yourself.

A lot of successes have come by the
removal of problems.

The objective is that

you are succeeding.

The  United Nations employed   Timo Niklas-
Salminen to create factories, schools, new
jobs and to train experts to China.

He also improved the employment of India

and of two other countries, edded the
taxpayers and increased produktion.

The people solve the problems

Timo have a wide and versatile experience
of the helping of the countries / the people.


I have been with Timo's control and I
continue by the same way. The new work
doctrines are moved to the net. China has
been interested of... China wants to have
economic growth ... 6% per year, welfare.
China does not prevent forward the
people's success.

Questions. 1. What drawback will be
increasing to be a big problem or crisis / an
economic crisis if we do not succeed in
removing by down a drawback?

2. What income we have not to the live?

3. What problems will arise if these 4
objectives are not achieved?


4.  What problems  are arising inside the
company / to workers,   if the problems
are not removed down ?

5. What we have done wrong in the life if
we  do not succeed forward? What problems
do arise to the workers, families and

6.  What will there come to your life if you
do not get more successes in the work
anything else, as the leisure, with family, in
marriage … Elama_muuttuu_helpommaksi_ei_naista.JPG

7. What difficulties are going to our own
company   if the successes  will not come and
the problem does not  disappear
  from   the
front of you?

The big results came by the true. Timo first
created confidence, credibility and cogency
when he acted and showed the workers the
new work doctrines. The new doctrines and
way of life bring up an improvement to you.

The people are not forced to

The people's expectations and wishes are
listened to...


Timo Niklas-Salminen went to the same level and according with the people.

He showed the new doctrines how you get
the better work. The workers' feedback:
Nobody neither has operated earlier this
way nor showed. The going to the head of
1 metre increased learning and credibility.

New work doctrines and the work went
successfully forward, Timo collected Chinese
executives in the meeting together. He gave
thinking 30% to the leaders how it is
succeeded.  Timo said a part of the success and
the end is thought of together and in a group.
By Seppo Korpela, Nokia, Finland