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Problems are resolved
with digital

Movie design requires
a old
working methods and lifestyles
missed out.


Virtual work,  work is done with the
display in advance.

For a life without the
old way of   working

The film is planned 
with the digital
program, 96% in advance.

Young people have become a lot of
messages: we want to learn and be
involved in the the film is made ahead.

What, how?

I have lots of ideas for how a person
in different countries may be included
making the movie.

Onward and upward

The objective is that young people
develop and learn  onward and
upward. Young people do not no
risk of older workers.
This is
the young people's new.

A new way to lead
towards success:

1.  Pre-planning. Planning in advance

I have the rest of the digital  the
planning system + content.

Problems have solved when the
work   is done.

2.  Digital pre-planning to ensure
96%  of the work. It is time to save
money.  Internet with your work. 
Internet service.

It is a skill when you
learn to eliminate
the old way of working

The old process does not want to
reduced.   Seppo Korpela  Nokia